The Board of Talent, Experience, and Excellence

LSET Academic Advisory Board

We have established an academic advisory board in the pursuit of delivering exceptional academic inputs with our highly diverse and distinguished faculty. This board is responsible for overseeing the content and delivery of academic lessons to our students. The board organises regular meetings to ensure that the course curriculum for our certificate courses is reviewed by industry experts, educators, and employers in the UK regularly. This helps the London School of Emerging Technology include the latest case studies, IT concepts, business concepts, technologies, and teaching strategies. Our students are equipped with the most relevant skills to make a difference in the constantly evolving world of IT and business.

The Academic Advisory Board is entirely dedicated to improving the overall academic experience at LSET. They make sure that the learning environment is constantly improved and optimised. 

The LSET Academic Advisory Board may provide advice in the following areas:

  • Curriculum development and delivery, determining the evaluation process, and the right implementation of tools and technologies
  • The right administration of policies and process for the LSET faculty, educators, and the learning experience
  • Advising on other academic issues with their specialised knowledge and expertise
  • Providing complete support in the outreach and enrolment development process

The LSET advisors are determined to hold the rigour and integrity of our academic programs. Together, we want to match the international standards of education. Our Academic Advisory Board provides complete counselling on the development and maintenance of our education centre in London. This board consists of representatives of our educational institution, professors from other institutions, and industry experts from various fields.