Could the Pandemic be a Hindrance for International Students to Apply Abroad?

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The year 2020 is certainly not the perfect year for International Students, in the context of travelling. With widespread deaths and community lockdowns, travelling within one’s country is also difficult, leave alone international travel. But this disastrous pandemic has indeed not dampened the spirits of the students who longed to complete their studies abroad. With the epidemic still prevalent for more than half a year, people are now not willing to stay at home anymore. The fact that news and media are overflowing with information that the virus is here to stay, and it will not become extinct in less than two years is creating undue unrest among people across the world.

Although the situation in the UK is much more stable than a few months ago, most areas and amenity centres are working 24/7. From restaurants and bars to educational institutions, everything is working like clockwork. If someone is a student who has been waiting to apply to institutions abroad and experience the lively culture of the UK, this pandemic is not stopping them.

Visa services are back to usual, and short-term student visa isn’t that difficult to secure. Many surveys created in and around the metropolitan cities of India and other affected countries show that younger students who are presently pursuing their graduation are willing to travel abroad even during this pandemic. Eighty students out of hundred are eager to travel overseas to create a secure future for themselves if given ample opportunity.

LSET did not wait for things to clear out completely; instead, they took the opportunity of inaugurating their first batch on January 2021 itself. If you are wondering that you will not have classmates if you apply for courses abroad you are probably wrong. Gather your documents and apply for your visas because your international education is going to kick-start right now!

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