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Advanced Python

Become an Expert Python Developer with LSET

Become an Expert Python Developer with LSET

Welcome to LSET Advanced Python Bootcamp. In this Bootcamp, we will give you complete lessons to learn about the advanced concepts, which will set you apart from regular Python developers.

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Job Guarantee
Complimentary Workshops
International Industrial Training

Bootcamp Information

Bootcamp Initiation Date

  • 9th June 2021
  • 9th July 2021
  • 9th August 2021

Bootcamp Duration

  • 6 months/ 100+ plus hours
  • Weekdays and weekend lessons

Practical Sessions

  • 6+ sessions
  • Hands-on activities
  • Soft skills development

Class Timings

  • Weekdays Batch: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (Tue, Wed, Thu)
  • Weekends Batch: 9 AM to 12 PM (Sat, Sun)

Entry Criteria

  • Background Evaluation
  • Technical Proficiency Test
  • Selection Interview

Evaluation Criteria

  • Continuous evaluation with practical projects and assignments
  • The participants must secure over 65% in assessment after the completion of Bootcamp


  • Complimentary Workshop
  • Interview Preparation
  • CV Preparation
  • Personality Development

Bootcamp Fee

Eligibility Criteria

  • Practical experience with Python programming language
  • You must understand basic types, Python libraries, program structures
  • Proficiency with computers.

Bootcamp Goals

Our 6 months of extensive practical training will introduce you to projects and assignments based on real business and enterprise solutions. We aim to polish your existing Python development skills and give you the opportunity to grow.

  • We are putting a huge focus on an interactive learning experience with maximum interactions with the trainers and participants.
  • We will give real-world experience to the participants to polish their Python development skills.
  • You will be working with variables, functions, conditionals, loops, text processing, and file processing.
Bootcamp Goals

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Hybrid Developer Advanced Certificate

    Why Learn Python

    Why Learn Python?

    • Python is one of the easiest languages to learn if you want to start a career in computer programming.
    • Python has a huge library to fulfil various use cases.
    • Learning Python can open up a variety of career opportunities in different fields.
    • Python is a great programming language for Enterprise Application Integration.
    • Great command in Python can offer you high paying jobs.
    • Python has a huge community which can be helpful whenever you are stuck.

    Best Career Paths

    Python Developer

    Python Developer

    It is the most common job after learning Python. You have to develop websites, optimise data algorithms, solve data analytics problems, implement security and data protection, etc.
    Product Manager

    Product Manager

    Data plays a crucial role in project management. Python is a great language for handling huge sets of data with ease. Therefore, companies are looking for product managers who have knowledge of Python.
    Data Analyst

    Data Analyst

    There are powerful Python libraries that make it easy to handle large sets of data. It is often considered the best language for machine learning and AI. Data analysts with the knowledge of Python are high in demand.


    There’s no shortage of new learners who want to learn Python. You can become a computer science instructor to teach the language. A teaching role could give you a decent salary package.
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    Financial Advisor

    The best financial institutions want their professionals to learn Python to assist their financial planning with the effective use of data. Thus, finance students are also learning Python to excel in their career.
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    Machine learning engineer

    A machine learning professional has to develop and train machines, programs, and other computers to make predictions based on Python. It is considered a great language for automation and algorithms.

    Top Companies Hiring Python Developers



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    Cisco Systems

    Intel Corporation

    Intel Corporation

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    Who Should Apply for this Bootcamp?

    • Python developers who want to take their programming skills to the next level
    • Business analysts who want to analyse data by learning Python
    • Machine learning professionals who want to update their skillset
    • Participants who want to start their career in data science.

    About the Bootcamp

    Our interactive and practical classes cover everything, including the new OS services, date/time management, binary data, unit testing, network programming, database connectivity, and more.

    You will be able to use the most advanced techniques required for implementing sophisticated frameworks like SQLAlchemy or Django.

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    • The participants will be able to take the best advantage of OS services.
    • The participants will be able to understand the advanced Python metaprogramming concepts.
    • LSET will help the students to explore real-world applications to better understand the fundamentals.
    • The participants will be learning through a project-based learning approach and working with advanced real-world projects and applications.
    • LSET provides live mentor support and structured training to its students to ensure maximum participation.
    • Python industry experts have developed this advanced Python Bootcamp from LSET’s School of Computing.
    • The Bootcamp classes are provided by industry experts who have years of experience with the Python programming language.

    The Bootcamp Provides Shared Expertise by

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    LSET Trainers

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    Industry Experts

    python developer

    Top Employers

    Python Developer

    • Proficiency in Core Python
    • Good knowledge of Web Frameworks
    • Object Relational Mappers
    • Concepts of data science
    • Concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Deep learning
    • Analytical skills
    • Design skills
    • Communication skills
    • Version control
    • Front-end technologies
    • Ability of integration
    • Server-side templating language
    • User authorisation and authentication
    • Python event-driven programming
    • Debugging and unit testing skills
    • Code versioning tool
    • Database creation
    • Logical thinking

    What Will Be Your Responsibilities?

    • You have to write efficient code that is testable and reusable.
    • Develop high-performance and highly available applications.
    • Integrate user side elements with the server-side logic.
    • Implement security and data protection into the applications.
    • Tune, improve, balance, and automate applications.
    • Work collaboratively with a team to design and provide technical solutions.
    • Test and debug software applications with Python test framework
    • Develop predictive models for ML and AI-based features

    How Project-Based Learning works?

    • This type of learning approach engages students to work collaboratively in a team in order to develop high-performance Python applications.
    • Project-based learning prepares the participants with constant practice by understanding the consumer needs and seeks scope for improvement.
    • The students are encouraged to work on real-world projects to solve real problems. It helps them to apply their learned skill in the real workplace.
    • We challenge the participants to come up with new innovative ideas.
    Project-Based Learning

    Projects from the Bootcamp

    LSET gives you the option to choose from a list of Projects and work with peers. It will greatly help you to build your professional portfolio;
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    Content Aggregator

    This project will help users to gather information from various online sources in one single place. The user won’t need to visit multiple websites to read the latest information. You will be using various libraries to scrap content from various sites.
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    Quiz Application

    This quiz game application will provide questions to the users and expect the right answer. As an administrator, you will be able to create your own custom quiz questions. The participants will need to use a database in this project to store the questions and answers for the users.
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    MP3 Player

    This is a GUI-based project that lets the users play MP3s and other audio formats. The UI will be the perfect imitation of a physical MP3 player. It will be powered by a beautiful interface and Python libraries meant for parsing audio files.
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    Expense Tracker

    This is a high-level expense tracker software that will enable users to keep track of their expenses. Statistical analysis will be given to the users for a better understanding of their expenditure. We will be using the PySimpleGUI for creating the interface of this project.
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    Contact Book

    This contact book project will help users save their contacts with names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other details. We will be using the argparse or click command-line frameworks. Plus, a database will also be implemented in this project.
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    Bulk File Rename Tool

    This project will save a lot of time by renaming file names in bulk. The users won’t need to rename each and every file manually. We will be using os, sys, and shutil libraries to develop this project.

    Bootcamp Curriculum

    • Python Introduction
    • Python Basics
    • Conditional Execution
    • Functions
    • Iteration
    • Strings
    • FIles
    • Lists
    • Sets
    • Modules and Packages
    • Namespaces
    • Dictionaries
    • Comprehensions
    • Tuples
    • Regular expressions
    • Network programs
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Containership and inheritance
    • Functional programming
    • Using web services
    • Exceptions and debugging
    • Multi-threading
    • Synchronisation
    • Using databases and SQL

    *Modules of our curriculum are subject to change depending on availability and relevance. The participants will be informed about the final curriculum in their induction classes.

    Tools & Technologies You Will Learn from This Bootcamp

    • Python
    • Pyramid
    • Web2py
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • Django
    • TurboGears
    • GitHub
    • CSS

    Practical Session Approaches

    • Experiential learning to solve real-world problems in a coworking space
    • Complete front-end and back-end practicals
    • Developing secure and reliable Python applications
    • Interactive testing and debugging classes
    • Preparing for job interviews
    • Portfolio enhancement for professionals.
    • Soft skills development.

    Complete Learning Experience

    We want the learners of this advanced Python Bootcamp to understand the advanced concepts and techniques to develop enterprise-grade Python applications. You will be provided with complete hands-on experience to understand the advanced concepts and techniques in a practical and interactive manner.
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    • LSET Bootcamp is an international learning platform to learn Python programming and developing world-class enterprise-grade programs.
    • We provide you access to our interactive e-learning resources with the Bootcamp.
    • Explore the unique student-friendly LSET Python practical sessions.
    • LSET provides mentor support and concept simplification to every student.
    • Work with hands-on project and assignments.

    Reasons to Choose LSET

    • Interactive live sessions by Python experts to teach beginners Python.
    • Practical classes with project-based learning and hands-on activities.
    • International learning platform to promote collaboration and teamwork.
    • We have the most up-to-date beginners Python syllabus designed by Python professionals.
    • Gain access to the huge e-learning resources provided by LSET.
    • One-to-one attention to ensure maximum participation in the class.
    • Lifetime career guidance to get the students employed in good companies.
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    Complete Job Guarantee

    LSET provides a job guarantee as an add on to its eligible advanced certificate Bootcamps and courses. Therefore, we will provide you job guarantee after completing this Bootcamp.

    After completing this advanced Python Bootcamp, our counsellors can provide you with a job guarantee if you pass our eligibility criteria and assessment examination. They will help you evaluate your skills and experience to suggest the best career opportunities. The experience at LSET Bootcamp lets you show your skills and projects to leave a good impression on the employers.

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