A Show on Promising British Tech Companies

Emerging British Tech Companies

Showcasing the Companies Building the 'Brand Britain'

Emerging British Tech Companies Show

Undisputedly, the UK is one of the best locations in Europe for tech graduates. British tech companies have received more venture capital funding than France, Germany, and Sweden combined. London became the technology hub where companies offering products and services in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security and Virtual Reality (VR) fields. Technology sector is expanding 2.6 times faster than the rest of the UK economy and is worth nearly £184 billion. We aim to interview the promising British Tech Companies which are contributing to this growth and on a path to become the next unicorn startup. 

LSET is in the quest of finding the next potential unicorn British Tech start-up which will strengthen the UK economy further. Each week we aim to talk to such start-up which we think has potential to reach the unicorn state soon. Join our journey to unfold the future of British Technology sector.

Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive and Innovative

Finding companies which leverage innovation to disrupt existing industry norms and offer new solutions to old problems.

LSET Technology Driven

Technology Driven

Aim to highlight the companies which are using emerging technology to solve the toughest problems in the world.

Customer Centric

Customer Centric

In search of companies which focus on solving customers’ problems and providing excellent customer service.

International Hub

Global Impact

Looking to highlight the companies which are making global impact with their innovative products and services.

Nominate a Promising Tech Company

We are looking for promising British Tech Companies. If you would like to nominate a company kindly fill up the Nomination form and we will evaluate the application. 

Following are some of the characteristics of the potential company :

  • Passionate about Disruption
  • Impacting global market with their innovative products and services
  • Foster Awesome Company Cultures
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