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An international experience is very valuable in today’s challenging job market. LSET’s international industry training program provides the tremendous opportunity to work with international organisations after completing its advanced certificate courses and assessment. Our industry training program will give you a chance to explore cultural opportunities and a world-class experience. You will be able to build a strong resume unlike anyone else.

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Who Can Apply for LSET International Industry Training?

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Industry Training for LSET Alumni

LSET is providing industry training to its students at some of the best organisations. They will need to pay a fee of £2000 to receive world-class training from industry experts at IT companies in the US or UK. Create a strong portfolio and resume with LSET international industry training.

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Industry Training for Non-LSET Alumni

LSET proudly welcomes students from other universities and education institutions to take part in our international industry training program. They will need to pay a fee of £3000 to start their international training in the US or UK at some of the best organisations. We empower students with industry expertise.

What Do You Get at LSET Industrial Trainings?

An international industry training provided by LSET lets you enjoy numerous benefits.
  • It encourages you to come out of your comfort zone and march towards a new adventure
  • You are able to expand your global network when you meet like-minded people in foreign nations
  • You are able to develop your global understanding, which lets you learn and embrace different work cultures
  • You get the chance to explore amazing destinations like London or the USA with LSET international industry training.
  • You are able to build impeccable communication skills by meeting new people
  • You are able to become a global citizen and understand the global trends and issues
  • It gives a unique impression to your resume
Internship Training With LSET

The students who clear the “International Industry Training Assessment” are eligible for the program. As a part of the program, students will get the chance to choose to study and work on the hands-on project in London or fly to the USA to complete the program with mentors from reputed education institutions, etc. We provide industry-relevant subject areas to cater for the future demand of the industry. You will explore hands-on and industry-driven work environments. The LSET students will get the chance to closely experience their dream job and create an impact in society through our project-based industry training.

LSET Student Assessment Application

The LSET students must go through the student application assessment to qualify for the international industry training program. Our industry training is relevant for each student and perfectly incubates the student for their growth and success.

We want to focus on the overall development of the students to let them achieve their dreams and goals. This makes the interview process very crucial to list out the most deserving candidates for the international industry training program. In the assessment process, we go through a strict examination and interview to determine the candidate’s eligibility for the program. We conduct a 60-90 minute interview session to align the program and its outcome with you. Exceptional students with 1550 SAT scores are given preference in the selection process.

DevOps Engineer

LSET Career Tracks

Robotics and IoT

These two technologies have become the backbone of IT and automation industry. We provide industry training for eligible students with project-based learning, where students will explore the design and architecture of robots and IoT. There are huge career opportunities in this rising field.

Product Design and Innovation

This is a very lucrative and creative industry. We prepare our students with world-class industry training from top employers to build a strong portfolio. You can become a part of leading R&D teams and bring innovation to the world with your creative mind.

Economics and Business Research

The globalised world is full of business and research opportunities. We empower our eligible students to participate in industry training programs from global business organisations. You will be focusing on intense business research and economic models for implementation.

Finance, Crypto, and Technology

The finance industry has completely intermingled with advanced technologies. In this industry training, we will empower our eligible students to focus on stochastic research Crypto technology, financial modelling, predictive modelling, and much more.

Social Impact, Environment, and Govt Policy

The governments and international organisations are looking for talented individuals who can use the best analytical skills to bring positive changes to the environment and government policies. We prepare our students to gain industry experience in data analytics and government policies.

Journalism, Marketing, and Media, Activism

The media and marketing industry is also using the latest technology for communication and propagating information to the audience. We provide industry training to leverage the latest technologies used for storing and sharing information.

The Complete 8 Step International Industry Training

  • Step 1: LSET Education Model

LSET is proud to provide the best experiential learning experience with the top employers around the world. We help the students to leverage technologies for practical implementations, improve business communication skills, solve critical business problems, and collaboration skills. We believe that the future work culture will be all about collaboration and diversity.

  • Step 2: Identifying the Goals

Identifying the most suitable goal for the student is the most important part of industrial training. It helps the learning process to become effective and noteworthy.

Realising the Goal

We provide complete guidance to the students to find out their goals and pursue their passion to progress in life.

Researching the Potential

The students have to understand their true potential in a field to come with future possibilities and career prospects.

Understanding the Limitations

This is where we enlighten the students with the LSET education model that encourages innovative thinking to cross the limitations.


Experience is everything to define the future goals of a student. We help you to use your existing experience to understand real-world problems.

What Will You Do?

After carefully analysing you, we will suggest to you the perfect career path relevant to your knowledge and skillset.

Start with Creativity

We empower the students to have a creative mind to solve big problems with ease. This makes a huge impact on the learning process.

  • Step 3: Idea Generation

The idea generation process involves creativity and conceptual thinking to make a difference in the IT and corporate world. It might not be possible for the students to immediately develop perfect ideas. However, with our expertise and guidance, they will be able to think out of the box and generate meaningful ideas.

  • Step 4: Development of the Concept

Concept development is the most creative part of this industry training program. You will be required to identify a problem and come up with innovative ideas. These qualities will be used for creating the concept of a possible project, while the students will need to create a detailed blueprint of the project and mention the possible outcomes.

  • Step 5: Designing the Project

Hard work and dedication are very important for the proper implementation of thought process and innovation in the project. Patience is another virtue that you will need for success with the first project prototype.

Learn the Technology or Approach

Students will need to learn the right technology or approach to execute the project successfully.

Apply Creativity

Your thought process and creativity will play a major role in converting your idea into a real-world project.

  • Step 6: Applying Knowledge to the Practical World

LSET’s mentorship emphasises building practical skills and deep interest in the subject to ensure active participation in the project.

Exploring the Real World

We will be exploring the real-world environment to help students solve critical problems and think critically.

Solving Problems

Our industry-relevant syllabus will help you solve critical problems by using an analytical mind.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice is very important to master complex concepts for your projects. Plus, you will be able to avoid common mistakes.

  • Step 7: Final Project Design

LSET’s mentors will help students learn to build effective prototypes and create remarkable projects for their portfolio. It will help them differentiate themselves from other students. Our guide will help you ensure the proper implementation of your project and resolve an identified problem.

  • Step 8: Product Launch

Developing the product is not enough. You need to do a proper product launch to help people and also create a business model. In this last process of the training, our industry experts will be teaching you investment, marketing, PR, and testing to your project a success in the market.

Industry Training Outcome

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice is very important to master complex concepts for your projects. Plus, you will be able to avoid common mistakes.

Industry Relevant

The students get the opportunity to explore industry-relevant international training from the top employers around the world.

Develop a Real-World Project

Our international industry training will let you build a real-world project to enhance your life experience and network.

Receive Recognition

After completing the international industry training with a project, you will receive recognition from the employer and the appropriate community.

Develop Strong Resume

An international industry training lets you develop a strong resume and project portfolio.

Dream Jobs

Our international industry training program creates your path to reach your goals. It will also help you create a good impression in front of your dream employers.