International Students

The LSET’s international student support department is ready to help international students live in the UK and get the best learning experience at the London School of Emerging Technology. These web pages will provide you with critical information and guidance on safety, immigration, transport, healthcare, banking, and the international student induction programme. A certificate from LSET is your passport to a successful life and career.

Notice for Students Entering England in 2021

It’s important for the students to learn about the rules and regulations for international travel in 2021. The rules have drastically changed especially after the COVID-19 global pandemic.
The international travelling rules to England have changed recently from the red, amber, green light to a single red list of nations and easier travel measures for students from around the world.
You can also check the advice for international students published by the UK Government if you want to study in the country during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Notice for Students Entering England
International Students

International Student Support

Get complete information about life in the UK, healthcare, banking, transport, and more. This is the perfect guide for international students seeking to study in the UK at LSET.

International Students

Immigration Support

Get complete guidance about UK immigration routes to study in the UK. The Student Immigration Support department can help you choose the right visa to enter the country.


Induction Programme to Enter UK

This is a complete induction programme for students entering the UK and starting to pursue a certificate course at the London School of Emerging Technology.

Managing Finances

Managing Finances in the UK

The London School of Emerging Technology recommends opening a UK bank account after entering the country. It is the best and most effective way of protecting and managing your money as a student.

Safety in the UK

Safety in the UK

When you are entering the country to study, it is important to learn about the safety measures to keep yourself safe. We want you to stay safe from any kind of scams and frauds in the country…

Healthcare in the UK

Healthcare in the UK

The LSET International Student Support department is always dedicated to provide students with complete support to study in the UK and live without any problems.