Safety in the UK

Your Safety in the Country

When you are entering the country to study, it is important to learn about the safety measures to keep yourself safe. We want you to stay safe from any kind of scams and frauds in the country. The following information will help to learn whom to contact in case of an emergency.

LSET Safety

Non-Emergency LSET Support

Call +44 (0) 20 3369 9909 to talk directly to the LSET administration. The representative will follow up if you have seen or experienced any criminal activity or any other security questions.

Emergency LSET Support

Dial 999 immediately if you see or experience any criminal activity or security issues inside the campus.

LSET Safety on and off-campus

Emergency Services in the UK

The UK Emergency Services are just one call away from assisting you. If you ever see or experience an emergency situation, a serious accident, fire, or medical emergency, you should dial the numbers given below;

  • Emergency ServicesDial 999 to request for the appropriate services depending on the incident (fire brigade, ambulance, police).
  • Police non-emergency lineDial 101 to report crimes that do not need to be responded to immediately on an emergency basis. For example, car theft.
  • NHS non-emergency helpline Dial 111 if you ever experience medical issues (not an emergency) or are not sure about the right health care support.

Criminal Offences in the UK

To make sure that you are abiding by the laws of the United Kingdom, you must remember these key points.

  • It is a crime to carry any weapon in the UK. You are not allowed to carry any weapon, even if it is meant for personal protection (including knives).
  • Possession of any illegal substance is a criminal offence in the UK. For example; drugs
  • Possession of pepper spray or CS is illegal in the UK.