Key Stages 1 & 2

Camp Funovation


£12 / Per Class


Scratch, Vex VR


12-Week Semester | 1 lesson per week for 12 weeks


3 - 4 (Must turn 3 by 12-31-20)




Lset campus

What is Camp Funovation?

Camp Funovation is a program designed for kids to instil innovation, entrepreneurial and creative thinking abilities. As part of the program, we aim to create an innovative, open, creative and trustworthy place for students to grow, take risks, and feel comfortable in their own patterns of learning.

We use five principles to foster innovation, entrepreneurial and creative thinking:

LSET Junior Tech


We have designed unique games to arouse curiosity and make room for thinking



Our activities are designed in such a way that they create greater understanding of the subject and desire to learn more



Kids are passionate by nature. We use this strength to show them how to connect their passion to success



We encourage to build fearlessness attitude, especially when it comes to taking risks and trying new ways of doing things

LSET Junior Tech


Having a greater sense of purpose is an important factor to become an innovator and most importantly an entrepreneur. We aim to make kids realise the importance of doing something to make a difference, rather than just doing it for the sake of it

How does the program work?

We take practical approach to teach kids the process of innovation and teach them what it takes to become an innovator. We generate curiosity by exposing them to the impactful innovations around the world. This gives them a starting point to build their own projects. We build teams of 4 to 5 kids and give them a challenge as well as resources and direction to work on solutions to solve the toughest problems they see around them. We give freedom and encourage their wild imagination. We support their ideas to build a prototype which may turn into a real-world product. We then create an imaginary marketplace to give them entrepreneurial experience to take their innovation to the global market.

  • Kids build up their curiosity and trust their imagination
  • They are prepared to use their imagination skills to create something new
  • They inculcate team building attitude and solve problems through team building activities
  • They learn about the importance of persistence by going through small failures
  • They learn to accept failures and learn from them to become successful
Motivation To Do More at Home

Optionally, you can buy our home innovation kit to keep their excitement alive and encourage them to implement these lessons.

Phone : +44 (0) 20 3369 9909

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