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5 key new features in SingleStoreDB 8.0

Published on feb 7, 2023

Among the new features in the latest release of the unified database for transactional and analytical processing are real-time analytics for JSON data, Wasm support, dynamic scaling, and improvements in the security and user interface.

In SingleStoreDB 8.0, more cutting-edge features have been added to the unified database to support both transactional and analytical processing. As a result of SingleStoreDB’s faster analytics and greater ease of use, developers will be able to truly own their data while reducing cost and coding requirements.

SingleStore’s new features address the needs of its vast customer base and enhance the company’s already robust, lightning-fast database platform.

The following are some of the key features of SingleStoreDB 8.0.

Real-time analytics for JSON data

Wasm everywhere

Dynamic workspace scaling

OAuth support

Enhanced user experience

Real-time analytics for JSON data

SingleStoreDB 8.0 offers fast searching for JSON columns and string data, enabling performance improvements of up to 400 times.

Adds the T to HTAP (hybrid transactional/analytical processing). Real-time analytics also make SingleStoreDB more compelling than NoSQL databases that struggle with such tasks.

More businesses can now use one engine for all their needs rather than implementing multiple specialized databases.

Wasm everywhere

Now all SingleStore customers can benefit from Wasm (WebAssembly language), whether they use the cloud or self-managed deployments.

It’s easy to port code libraries (in Rust, C, or C++, and soon other languages) into SingleStoreDB. Developers can avoid writing query logic in the application tier by using the sandbox module.

People see Wasm as the future of cloud computing because it’s cross-platform, secure, and fast. Plus it’s improving all the time as standards work progresses.

Dynamic workspace scaling

Additionally, SingleStoreDB 8.0 offers dynamic workspace scaling and the ability to suspend and resume workspaces.

Organizations are constantly scaling their workloads and applications. Easily scale workspaces with SingleStoreDB’s dynamic workspace scaling.

Furthermore, organizations can reduce waste by eliminating the waste that occurs when workloads are paused but resources continue to run. Suspend-and-resume workspaces allow businesses to suspend compute when not needed, and to resume when needed.

OAuth support

The SingleStore also supports OAuth federated authentication.

SAML and OAuth are popular protocols for federated authentication. Supports both.

Now, all SingleStoreDB users can benefit from the open standard, which is popular for gaming, IoT, mobile, and web applications. Customer authentication is easier and more secure with OAuth, which simplifies secure connection management.

Enhanced user experience

SingleStoreDB 8.0 makes adding new users easier than ever.

Signing up offline was previously a multi-step process. On the control panel, SingleStoreDB 8.0 introduces an “add user” button.

Onboarding with SingleStoreDB 8.0 now includes a guided tour. The tour walks new SingleStoreDB users through every option.

Palo Alto Networks, Siemens, SiriusXM, and Uber are among the Fortune 500 companies using SingleStoreDB. SingleStoreDB 8.0 provides a unified, simplified solution for real-time customer experience analytics, supply chain monitoring, sales and inventory management, or enabling interactive workspaces.

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