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A Crud Framework for Fullstack Typescript referred to as Remult

Published on may 9, 2023

As a full-stack CRUD library, Remult simplifies development through the use of TypeScript models and a type-safe API client and query builder.

Software development requires the management and synchronization of two data models: server and client data models. A server model specifies how the database and API are structured, while a client model specifies how data is transmitted between the API and the client.

Maintaining separate models and validators, however, can result in redundancy, increased maintenance costs, and the potential for errors when the models are out of sync.

Remult addresses this issue by providing an integrated model that defines the database schema, exposes simple CRUD APIs, and supports client-side integration that enables developers to query the database, all while maintaining type safety.

Entities to be defined

Using decorators, Remult transforms JavaScript classes into Remult Entities. This can be achieved easily by adding the Entity decorator to the class and applying the relevant field decorators to each property.

Using decorators, Remult simplifies the process of creating entities and their associated fields, making the process more efficient and intuitive for developers.

Setup of the server

In order to begin using Remult, you must register it with the chosen server along with the necessary entities.

It is fortunate that Remult offers out-of-the-box integrations with several popular server frameworks, including Express, Fastify, Next.js, Nest, and Koa.

Integration on the client side

The next step is to integrate Remult with the application’s front end after configuring the backend and entities.

Fortunately, Remult’s client integration is library agnostic, meaning that it will work with either browser fetch capabilities or Axios.

As shown in this example, Remult can easily be integrated into the front end of an application, allowing developers to leverage Remult’s power and functionality across the entire stack.

Remult is an open-source project licensed under the MIT license. Remult’s GitHub repository welcomes contributions.

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