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A new Xbox Series X/S feature will be introduced in this Windows 11 update

Published on Jun 25, 2022

The latest Windows 11 update includes a preview of the Microsoft Game Bar, which allows you to see if your computer is DirectStorage-ready.

After updating the Xbox Game Bar, users can go into the Gaming Features tab within the settings menu, according to PC Gamer (opens in new tab). You can now check if your system is DirectX 12 Ultimate-ready and what needs to be updated to be DirectStorage-ready by using the updated version of this tool.

Microsoft previously confirmed the two were compatible, but it will still mention that your operating system needs to be upgraded if your system is ready for DirectX 12 Ultimate.

Microsoft Xbox series X and Series S already incorporate DirectStorage, a technology that speeds SSD loading times.

By utilizing DirectStorage, developers can maximize the performance of the latest storage devices (especially NVMe SSDs) by taking advantage of their speed. Open-world games should also run more smoothly as a result of faster loading times.

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