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Cloud Spanner and BigQuery are updated by Google Cloud

Published on Sep 20, 2022

Updates are made to Google Cloud’s database platforms. There will be a free trial period for Cloud Spanner and a new service for BigQuery.

A free trial version of Cloud Spanner is now available for you. This is a service that manages and stores SQL databases. It is, in fact, a modified version of the database that Google itself uses to power its customer service functions.

In Cloud Spanner’s trial version, users have access to 10GB of storage, which can be used for 90 days. There is, of course, the option at any time to expand the storage space with the service by taking out a paid subscription. A trial period should remove any last doubts about purchasing a service.

Moreover, the service will receive tighter access security, allowing users to set access rights by table and column. Currently, this feature is in preview.

The tech company is updating its database platforms to expand its capabilities with these databases. There will also be a new Datastream service for BigQuery. Real-time insights are provided into BigQuery’s data warehouse.

The databases that can be added to Datastream include MySQL, PostgreSQL, AlloyDB, and Oracle. Both of these can be run on-premises and on the Google cloud.

Lastly, there will be more support from the cloud company to make it easier for companies to migrate to the cloud. AlloyDB now supports migrations from PostgreSQL to AlloyDB as part of the Database Migration Service.

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