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Developers can now simplify threat modelling with ThreatModeler 6.0

Published on Sep 14, 2022

‘ThreatModeler’, a threat modelling and cloud infrastructure company, has released version 6.0. This new version contains multiple new features to improve security and DevOps threat modelling.

This update completely redesigned the platform’s interface, workflows, model building, and reporting based on customer feedback. The company says this update aims to simplify threat modelling for developers and add more features to accomplish multiple tasks.

“ThreatModeler 6.0 raises the bar on what threat modelling can do to streamline secure-by-design for applications, cloud migration, and infrastructure as code,” said Archie Agarwal, CEO of ThreatModeler. The speed, effectiveness, and security enabled by this update will lead to immediate, unparalleled results for our customers.”

Using ThreatModeler 6.0, users have access to more information, tools, and collaboration options to streamline threat model development.

Also, this release enables large enterprises to manage threat models without having to rely on coding alone. By doing so, developers and security teams can better communicate and shift security to the end of the cloud development lifecycle.

The collaboration and approval workflows have also been enhanced. Users can now tag collaborators and assign tasks that are tracked from beginning to end, with in-platform notifications.

Additionally, ThreatModeler 6.0 allows users to specify the time period, activity, and components of each report to provide a clear picture of threats across security environments.

Lastly, the update enhances the IaC-Assist solution, enabling users to identify, review, and mitigate security flaws while writing code in real-time.

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