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Improvement of server-side rendering desired by Angular Users

Published on May 26, 2023

The Angular Developer Survey 2022 showed that developers using Google’s TypeScript-based web framework Angular identified areas for development such as server-side rendering, testing, debugging and profiling, initial load performance, and the component authoring format.

The Angular development team published the outcomes of the survey, which had more than 12,000 responses, on the 23rd of May. Topping the list of users’ preferences is improved server-side rendering. The team pointed out that the preview of hydration, the process of reviving the server-side rendering app on the client, shipped with Angular 16 earlier this month, in addition to compatibility with workers for rendering on edge. On the agenda are investigations into partial hydration, reusability, and closer integration of Angular Universal with the CLI.

The Angular dev team has taken steps to substitute Karma utilized by the Angular CLI with the Web Test Runner for browser-side testing and the incorporation of Jest. Moreover, Angular 15, released in November, contains an improved stack tracer for debugging and profiling.

In terms of improving the initial loading performance, the team is working on a more efficient component-level code-splitting API, which would enable the annotation of certain component portions to be loaded lazily. Moreover, in version 16 of Angular, input requirements and self-closing tags were added; the team is now working on input coercion and better control flow.

The survey revealed that dependency injection was the most popular feature of Angular, followed by IDE support and CLI build tools. A satisfaction rate of 82% was observed, and this figure increased to 89% regarding the integration of its components, compared to 85% in 2021. Additionally, approximately 70% of developers use the two most recent versions of the framework, leaving only 9% running on Angular 11 or earlier.

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