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In Windows 11 Ryzen power plans, AMD finally fixes

Published on Jun 30, 2022

It has been announced that AMD’s chipset driver version has been released. Until the updated driver was released, there was an AMD chipset software installation error that would display “AMD Chipset Software is not responding”, until the updated driver could be installed. Moreover, this driver adds support for Ryzen power plans on Windows 11 as well as the official USB4 support that is part of the driver.

Highlights of the release

The program has been updated with new support.
There have been six new drivers added.
A pop-up message stating “AMD Chipset Software is not responding” has been fixed when the installer is launched and the UI screen is clicked.

An update has been made to the USB4 Connection Manager (CM) driver, which was introduced in the earlier release. As a matter of fact, this is the first time AMD has listed the drivers officially on their website, since the previous version was never listed. You can download the new chipset driver from AMD’s official website.

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