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Introducing a Project Starter in Helidon 3.0 and requiring Java 17 and Jakarta EE 9.1

Published on Sep 30, 2022

With Project Helidon 3.0, Oracle now supports Java EE 9.1 and MicroProfile 5.0 as well as JDK 17. Helidon Starter, an updated command-line tool, and a security hardening of Java serialization through JEP 290: Filter Incoming Serialization Data are also included in this release.

Both imperative and reactive applications are supported by Helidon, a cloud-native Java framework for microservices. Helidon 3.0 also improves the routing of reactive applications and does not use Java serialization by default due to security concerns.

Version 3.0 can be upgraded easily for reactive applications. Imperative applications, on the other hand, “need to change to jakarta.* dependencies and address backwards compatibility issues.”

Helidon recently demonstrated early support for the virtual threads of Project Loom with Helidon Níma. Níma is part of Helidon 4.0, scheduled for a formal release by the end of 2023. Virtual Threads (preview) and Structured Concurrency (incubator), under the auspices of Project Loom, were delivered in JDK 19.

Helidon joins Quarkus and Micronaut in supporting native Java with GraalVM in production today; Spring Boot 3.0 will add native Java support in late 2022.

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