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Java SE 8 Update 341 is available for download

Published on July 22, 2022

The Oracle Java SE 8 SDK has received a scheduled security update that has been released by the company. As part of this release, there has been a number of patches for security vulnerabilities identified in the July 2022 Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory as well as a number of improvements. The Java 8 Release Highlights page provides a comprehensive list of all the changes that have been made in this new release of Java.

The new version of Java SE makes Java SE-based applications more secure and efficient than they have ever been before due to the fact that this version has been updated. Update 341 for Java SE 8 can be downloaded by using the update function or the Java website on either a Mac or PC.

There has been an update to Java SE 8 in version 8u341, which is an update to Java SE 8. According to Oracle, it is strongly recommended that Java SE 8 users upgrade to this version of the Java SE 8 platform. More information about this update can be found on the Oracle website.

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