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Jenkins, a devops tool, now requires Java 11: This might hurt

Published on July 02, 2022

In this week’s Jenkins 2.357 release, as well as the upcoming September LTS release, Java 11 will be required.

Jenkins, created by Kohsuke Kawaguchi, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. A veteran of continuous integration and continuous delivery, Hudson was originally known as Sun before the Oracle/Sun deal forked it. The program is also written in Java.

There will be some hiccups. The Jenkins LTS core has been compatible with Java 11 for quite some time, as the long-term support version itself was released in 2018. Additionally, Java 17 is supported by the June LTS (the latest Java SE LTS).

In 2014, Java 8 was released, and it means a fond farewell. Unfortunately, Java 8 looks like it will continue to be supported by vendors until 2030, despite the Java world having moved on.

Despite the possibility of Jenkins remaining on Java 8 in the foreseeable future, the team felt that this was imprudent. Several third-party libraries Jenkins consumes require later versions and sticking with 8 may result in fewer updates from upstreams.

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