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Kubernetes is highlighted in Oracle Cloud Native Environment 1.5.7

Published on Nov 2, 2022

There are a number of improvements in Oracle Cloud Native Environment 1.5.7, including faster deployments, improved container runtime setup, and more.

The Oracle Cloud Native Environment, designed for the development of cloud-native applications, has been enhanced to utilise the Kubernetes 1.24 container orchestration platform.

Cloud Native Environment 1.5.7, which was released earlier this month, highlights Kubernetes 1.24 accommodations. An improved container runtime setup, a deployment model for different components of the environment, and an infrastructure lifecycle management feature have been added. Kubernetes 1.24 was released on May 3. Oracle has also improved the deployment process for Cloud Native Environment itself with this version. A number of commands have been added to the platform’s command-line interface to facilitate a faster and more intuitive deployment process.

Cloud Native Environment provides an environment for running containerised applications using a selected set of open-source software. It provides a framework for installing, updating, upgrading, and configuring microservices. Among the other features of Cloud Native Environment 1.5.7 are:

Istio’s service mesh module was improved to allow multiple modules to be installed using custom profiles while retaining a single Istio control plane. For the Istio data plane, this allows customisation of the control plane and sidecars.

Oracle Linux 8 is supported with release 7 of the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel.

There are free labs and tutorials available for developers interested in learning more about Cloud Native Environment. Oracle Verrazzano Container Platform and Cloud Native Environment can be used together for container application management, offering open-source software and subscription-based support.

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