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Meta announces new virtual reality login system for Facebook

Published on July 08, 2022

In response to backlash from users who previously accessed Oculus headsets using separate accounts, Facebook announced plans last year to remove the Facebook login requirement.

The company is rolling back an earlier change that required users to sign into its virtual reality headsets using their Facebook accounts while preserving social connections there.

On Thursday, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would launch its new “Meta accounts” in August.

After users complained that Meta, then known as Facebook, had acquired Oculus in 2014, the social media giant announced plans to remove the Facebook login requirement last year.

In a blog post, the company said the new login structure will let users access their devices, manage purchases of apps, and access their Meta Horizon profiles, with associated user names and avatars.
In addition, users will be able to link their existing Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger accounts to a unified Meta Accounts Center, which will integrate their social connections into virtual reality experiences.

Reuters reports that the company will only combine data across apps to count users and enforce safety rules for accounts not added to the Accounts Center.

Cox alluded to the project in a memo last week, which he called Project Simile, saying it would “power continuity across the metaverse.”

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