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MicroPython and microcontrollers shine in Ubuntu 22.10

Published on Oct 26, 2022

The latest update to Canonical’s Linux distribution includes Ruby, Go, GCC, and Rust toolchains and supports MicroPython on microcontrollers such as the Raspberry Pi Pico W.

A new version of Canonical’s Linux distribution, Ubuntu 22.10, introduces MicroPython support for a variety of microcontrollers.

The Ubuntu 22.10 interim release, code-named “Kinetic Kudu”, was announced on October 20 as an improvement to the developer and IT administrator experience.

MicroPython is now supported on microcontrollers, including the Raspberry Pi Pico W. In addition, rshell, thonny, and mpremote are now available in the Ubuntu repository. As a result of Ubuntu’s transition to kms, developers can run Pi-based graphical applications using frameworks such as Qt outside of a desktop session and without using Pi-specific drivers. The expansion of support for embedded displays for Raspberry Pi includes the Inky eInk HAT series, Hyperpixel range, and the official touchscreen for Raspberry Pi.

Moreover, Ubuntu 22.10 includes Landscape 22.10 beta, an administration tool that provides monitoring, management, patching, and compliance reporting across Ubuntu estates. Landscape Server can be installed on a variety of computers with Arm processors, including Ampere Altra-based Arm64 virtual machines on public clouds and Raspberry Pi models. Additionally, Risc processors and hardware are supported, making Landscape easier to use as a portable management system.

The Ubuntu 22.10 operating system can be downloaded from the Ubuntu website. The release also includes the following improvements:

The Ruby, Go, GCC, and Rust toolchains have been updated.

SSH is configured by default to use system socket activation, which means that once an incoming connection request is received, SSH will not start until the connection request is accepted by SSH. It reduces the footprint and memory requirements of Ubuntu Server when running on smaller devices, virtual machines, or LXD containers.

Debuginfod is a service that assists developers and administrators in debugging Ubuntu-based applications. A debugging tool, such as gdb, will download the necessary debug symbols over HTTP.

Enhancements in GNOME 4, including GTK4 theming, improve desktop usability and performance. Using Quick Settings, you can access commonly used options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, dark mode, and power settings more quickly.

By utilizing the PipeWire audio platform, audio devices will be able to be supported more broadly and Bluetooth connectivity will be improved for better video conferencing. On multi-core desktop systems, Linux 5.19 provides improved power performance of Intel devices and multithreaded decompression on Ubuntu to enhance Snap performance.

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