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Microsoft relaunches Syntex with AI-based content management capabilities

Published on Oct 13, 2022

Introducing a new category of technology dubbed “content AI,” Microsoft has relaunched Syntex with a set of artificial intelligence and low-code tools to automate the process of creating, indexing, and discovering content.

Microsoft Syntex is a rebranded version of the application that uses artificial intelligence to streamline how organisations manage content.

Microsoft Syntex, which was announced at Microsoft’s Ignite conference on Wednesday, is a new category of technology dubbed “content AI.” It uses artificial intelligence to automatically read, tag and index large amounts of content. With Microsoft 365 (the rebranded Office 365) and Azure, as well as Power Platform and Microsoft Purview, you can integrate offerings from across the Microsoft Cloud, connecting information where it is needed in context.

In recent years, as processes have become increasingly digitised, an increasing number of businesses have moved all of their documents to the cloud. According to Jeff Teper, president of collaborative apps and platforms at Microsoft, the number of documents added to Microsoft 365 every day has more than doubled over the last five years alone.

Moving to a paperless society has brought with it the promise of efficiency, however, the number of documents now being stored digitally has reached a critical level, resulting in people spending valuable time searching and sifting through digital files. Moreover, it is estimated that organisations spend $46 billion per year storing and managing content that is of little value to them.

“This is not to say that lawyers should not review contracts, but if an AI can scan a 200-page contract and identify the three clauses that differ from the boilerplate, that can save companies a lot of time and money,” Teper said.

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