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Millions of Windows 10, 11 and Server users are at risk from a critical security update

Published on Jun 21, 2022

Microsoft has confirmed that the June 14 Patch Tuesday security update will not be the last. Several media outlets covered the second Tuesday of the month, the final Patch Tuesday, as the end of an era. News reports were referring to the Windows Autopatch announcement earlier this year. According to that April revelation, Windows Autopatch would automate security patching, making Patch Tuesday just another Tuesday for (some) administrators. It’s baffling how we’re grasping the wrong end of a pretty straight stick, but I suspect that’s where the confusion comes from.

What Microsoft didn’t announce was an automated and managed security update service for every Windows user and administrator. I thought it was made quite clear that Windows Autopatch, due to roll out in July, is only for Windows Enterprise users.

Except for government cloud customers, Azure commercial cloud customers with Windows 10/11 Enterprise E3 (and up) licenses. Microsoft Windows Autopatch FAQ, updated June 8, also states that education (A3) and frontline worker (F3) licenses are not supported. This excludes not only some enterprises and most small businesses but also the massive consumer market.

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