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.NET Community Toolkit 8.1 is now available

Published on feb 4, 2023

Microsoft recently released .NET Community Toolkit 8.1. The new release contains performance improvements to the MVVW Toolkit source generators. As well as customizable attributes for ObservableProperty, MVVM Toolkit analyzers, Messenger extensions and .NET 7 support, the MVVM Toolkit provides new features.

The previous (8.0.0) version consisted of helpers and APIs to facilitate using patterns such as MVVM regardless of the platform. A number of improvements have been made to version 8.1, including improvements to performance and code readability. The preview version already had all the features introduced.

Custom attributes were requested by the community for ObservableProperty. Previously, this could only be set manually for the MVVM toolkit’s source-code generator. To implement this feature in the new version, Microsoft decided to use an existing property: – it is a syntax in C# that allows developers to mark attributes for propagation to generated properties. By using the built-in C# syntax, the property does not require any additional attributes. It also solves the problem of annotating attributes, which can only be applied to properties, not fields.

The new version of the .NET Community Toolkit provides developers with more targeted assistance for optimizing the use of the MVVM Toolkit. Source generators will now use the Roslyn 4.3 target, enabling some of the more optimized APIs if the host supports them. When referencing the MVVM Toolkit, this feature is automatically enabled. Another thing to do is switch generators to the new high-level Roslyn API to match attributes, which improves the performance of generators based on specific attributes.

The developers also moved almost all diagnostics to diagnostics analyzers, resulting in reduced typing overhead. In addition to improving all incremental models and pipelines, this also reduces overall memory consumption.

A new feature of the MVVM toolkit is the ability to integrate the functionality provided by the messenger APIs. This is now supported with the new IObservable extensions for the IMessenger interface.

By using this extension, you will be able to subscribe to messages and dynamically respond to them.

.NET Community Toolkit 8.1 provides the .NET 7 TFM platform to the HighPerformance package, as well as several changes to take advantage of the new features in C# 11, especially the ref fields. It is possible to declare ref fields within a ref struct. Additionally, the runtime can fully define Span using the C# type system.

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