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Security vulnerability update for WordPress 6.02

Published on Sep 03, 2022

WordPress has released an update that includes bug fixes and security patches that address three vulnerabilities rated as severe to medium severity.

There is a possibility that the updates have been downloaded and installed automatically. Hence, it is essential to check if the website has been updated to 6.02 and if everything is still working as expected.

There have been several bug fixes.
Twelve fixes have been made to the WordPress core, and five holes have been made to the block editor as part of this update.

The Pattern Directory has been improved to help theme authors serve just the patterns related to their themes, which is one of the notable changes.

It is the goal of this change to make it more appealing to theme authors so that they will use it more often and to give publishers a better user experience so that they will use it more often.

A total of three security patches have been released
As far as the first vulnerability is concerned, it is described as a high-severity SQL Injection vulnerability.

By exploiting a SQL injection vulnerability, an attacker can query the website’s database and add, view, delete, or modify sensitive information from the database that underpins the website.

According to a report by Wordfence, at the time of writing, WordPress 6.02 patches a high severity SQL injection vulnerability, but the exposure requires administrative privileges to be exploited.

The second and third vulnerabilities have been described as Stored Cross-Site Scripting flaws, one of which is reported not to affect the “vast majority” of WordPress publishers.

A new version of the Moment JavaScript Date Library has been released
There was one more vulnerability that was fixed. However, it was not a part of the WordPress core software. The vulnerability is related to a JavaScript data library called Moment that WordPress uses to store data.

The vulnerability in the JavaScript library has been assigned a CVE number, and details about this vulnerability can be found in the National Vulnerability Database of the U.S. government. It is documented as a bug fix on the WordPress website.

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