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The Angular 15 framework promises to simplify development

Published on Aug 18, 2022

The November update will stabilise standalone component APIs, introduce a new way to compose UI logic, and end Protractor’s testing framework.

Google’s TypeScript framework for web development, Angular 15, will stabilise standalone component APIs, simplify application development, and offer a simplified way to compose UI logic, the company announced.

Angular 15 is expected to arrive in November, according to Minko Gechev, Google developer relations lead. The standalone components introduced in Angular 14 as a developer preview in June will eliminate the need to configure injectors and compilers. Separate components promise to simplify application development, reduce boilerplate, and simplify organisation. The APIs for standalone components have been upgraded to stable status.

Angular 15 also includes a directive composition API for composing UI logic. According to Gechev, the technology provides a flexible way to reuse UI logic. Angular’s compiler enhances the semantics of TypeScript by enabling this API. Alongside Angular 15, Angular’s developers hope to release Material Design Components for the web.

Angular 15 will also include the following capabilities:

Improved performance of web pages with image directives.

The Angular DevTools provide dependency injection debugging.

A simplified output for the Angular CLI command ng new, used for creating new Angular workspaces.

A rewritten async stack tagging API developed in collaboration with Chrome DevTools improved debugging in Zone.js.

According to the project’s developers, the Protractor testing framework will be deprecated based on community feedback. A blog post on August 10 detailed the plans. Those who wish to continue using Protractor for active projects will be offered a long-term support option. In the summer of 2023, Angular 16 is expected to release the last version of Protractor. Previous versions of Angular 12 added support for testing frameworks such as Cypress, Nightwatch, and WebdriverIO.

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