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The JavaFX 19 rich client platform is now available

Published on Sep 16, 2022

In this update, H.265 video support is added to HTTP Live Streaming, CSS focus indicators are added, and bugs related to modal behaviour and touch screen are fixed.

JavaFX 19, the latest version of the Java-based rich client application platform, supports video and CSS enhancements. Several touch-screen bugs have also been fixed in the update.

Maven Central or provide access to the open-source platform, which goes by the slogan, “One Framework to Rule Them All.”. JavaFX 19 extends H.265/HVEC support to HTTP Live Streaming, which was announced on September 13.

JavaFX 19 also features faster observable ArrayList creation in FXCollections and allows users to update available printers without restarting the application. An API has also been added to the ObservableValue interface for creating derived bindings from ObservableValue.

JavaFX 19 also includes:

  • There are two new CSS pseudo-classes that support visual focus indication and nested focus visuals: focus-visible and focus-within.
  • On the Linux platform, Stage has been updated with fixes for modal behaviour.
  • There have been bug fixes related to touch screens, such as disappearing scroll bars on touch-enabled devices and a scroll pane edge bounce on Raspberry Pi devices.
  • Glib has been upgraded to version 2.72.0, and SQLite has been upgraded to version 3.37.2.
  • Long buffering has been improved for security, and WebKit references have been improved.

After being included in the Java Development Kit (JDK), JavaFX became a standalone technology in 2018. Sun Microsystems introduced JavaFX in May 2007 as a platform for desktop, mobile, and embedded systems. A complete lifecycle of an application is supported by libraries and software.

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