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The Thunderbird 102.0.2 update brings a number of bugfixes

Published on July 13, 2022

As part of Thunderbird 102, Thunderbird’s new major version, Thunderbird 102.0.2 is the second update. Thunderbird 102.0.1, released last week, also fixes bugs in the new version of the email client.

The latest version of Thunderbird, 102.0.2, is already available. Many systems will automatically download and install Thunderbird, but you can speed up the process by selecting Help > About Thunderbird. To display the menu, press Alt-key.

A check for updates is run by Thunderbird when the current version is displayed. Any new version will be downloaded and installed automatically by the email client.

One change and a large number of bug fixes are listed in the release notes. Double-clicking a chat message no longer executes a default action.

The server did not always delete POP3 messages; deletions sometimes failed.

There is a fix for this issue in Thunderbird 102.0.2.

Seamonkey or Outlook data import failed in the second step.

NNTP accounts could not use the offline cache.

Forwarded attachments that were not ASCII appeared garbled in the client.

As an attachment or inline, Thunderbird supports forwarding messages.

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