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VirtualBox 7 remotes into Oracle Cloud

Published on Oct 14, 2022

Oracle’s virtualisation application has been updated to enable remote control of cloud-hosted virtual machines and full encryption.

Featuring support for fully encrypted virtual machines, enhanced 3D video support, an automated virtual machine builder, and integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle VirtualBox 7, the latest version of the company’s open-source, cross-platform virtualisation software, is now available.

The upgrade was unveiled on October 12. VirtualBox 7 is intended to improve the productivity of DevOps engineers and distributed teams by simplifying the creation and management of virtual machines and removing the complexity associated with deploying them to the cloud. The new release also addresses the management of multiple physical systems.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration in VirtualBox 7 allows users to centrally manage virtual machines running on-premises or on OCI instances using any VirtualBox-compatible operating system, including Linux, Windows, and macOS. A user can export a VM from an on-premises host and run it on OCI, or import a VM from OCI to their local computer with a single button push.

Oracle VM VirtualBox can be downloaded from VirtualBox 7 also offers the following capabilities:

An enhanced GUI simplifies the management of VMs on OCI and on-premises devices by providing a centralised dashboard showing each VM’s resource usage.

An automated virtual machine builder automates the process of building and running virtual machines by using the unattended installation feature or open-source Vagrant containers. It takes less than a minute to set up a virtual machine.

VM data, log files, and configuration files are fully encrypted using AES 128-bit or 256-bit encryption.

3D support has been enhanced in VMs using DirectX 11/OpenGL. Applications such as conferencing and CAD can be run in 3D.

Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11 fully virtualised are supported by enhanced nested virtualisation, which by default requires Hyper-V.

Oracle is providing a developer preview of an installer package for macOS/Arm64 systems running Apple Silicon CPUs in emulation of Intel/AMD x86 CPUs. The preview offers early access to unsupported software features and is a work in progress. In December 2018, VirtualBox 6.0 was released.

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