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VS Code update improves Spring functionality and debugging

Published on Aug 27, 2022

Java on Visual Studio Code receives a monthly update with multiple improvements to Spring functionality and community contributions to enhance debugging.

Java tools are available in the code editor’s marketplace, including the Extension Pack for Java, which has been installed nearly 14.5 million times. Java applications are also developed using the Spring Framework, a popular Java platform.

As part of the August 2022 update, the team created a file to provide useful information for coders looking to get started with Spring Initializer, which is used to create a new project.

Microsoft’s Nick Zhu said in an Aug. 25 announcement that developers previously ignored or didn’t realize this file existed. We would appreciate it if this file could be opened automatically in Visual Studio Code. This feature was added recently so Spring developers can get started more quickly.”

The Spring Boot Extension Pack must be installed alongside the Extension Pack for Java in order to use the new features.

Objects managed by the Spring IoC container form the backbone of an application, known as Spring beans.

Zhu said that when developers launch a Spring app from the Spring dashboard, they need to wait for the beans to connect to the live process and go ‘green,’ then the bean properties will appear right next to the bean name. It will tell you if the bean is a prototype, singleton, etc. If a bean is defined by the developer, you will see ‘defined’ as well.”

Maven and Gradle functionality was also enhanced by Microsoft. Gradle, often used with Maven, provides customizable dependency selection and substitution rules that help developers deal with unwanted project-wide dependencies.

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