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What is Google’s new skin tone scale?

Published on June 03, 2022

Artificial intelligence systems developed by Google now have a wider range of skin tones.

There are 10 skin tones on the new Monk Skin Tone Scale, named after Harvard University professor Dr Ellis Monk.

Rather than using outdated scales with a bias towards paler skin tones, Google says it will replace them.

Search and photos, for example, will be improved by the tech company.

In technology, machine learning, a type of AI, is used in a variety of ways, including when cameras recognize your face to unlock your phone or when your photos are automatically categorized.

To get to this point, researchers need to train the technology so that it can recognize a wide range of people.

In order to do this, they use something called a skin scale. Among the most popular skin scales is the Fitzpatrick scale.

The Fitzpatrick Scale was developed in 1975.

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