Career Guide for Ethical Hackers

Ethical Hackers

    Ethical hackers are one of those professionals who choose hacking methods to serve the world with the good intentions of the welfare of others. With strict cyber laws, various organisations are trying to make the internet a safe place for its users. Now can the ethical hacking profession make a positive impact in our world?

    Reasons to Choose Ethical Hacking as Career

    Ethical hackers have a lot of responsibilities to deal with. An ethical hacker not just secures the network and data of an organisation but is also responsible for stopping a security breach. It possesses a great career scope, and the salary package is another excellent aspect of it.

    Great Career Opportunities

    The scope for this career is increasing every year. It has been noticed that government and private organisations both are hiring cybersecurity experts, though IT firms are leading recruiters of ethical hackers. They generally hire under the title of a security analyst, penetration tester, cybersecurity engineer, network security administrator, and some others. Apart from this, service providers like hotels, airlines and financial institutions also hire ethical hackers to protect their sensitive information.

    Best Way to Enter in Different Domains of Cybersecurity

    An ethical hacker has an excellent knowledge of domains like network security, information security, application security, and a lot more. The organisations looking for professionals with specialised technology making it easier for certified ethical hackers to take up other cybersecurity roles like:

    • Network Administrator
    • Penetration Tester
    • Security Investigator
    • Web Security Administrator
    • Computer Investigator
    • Data Security Analyst
    • Network Defence Technicians
    • IT Security Administrator

    These are lot more professional profiles that an ethical hacker can easily fit into

    Increasing Demand Certified Ethical Hackers

    The report analysed data for the past twenty-four months and found that job vacancies for ethical hackers are increasing by an average of 4% per month. Another calculation mentions that 7 of every ten job vacancies are searching for candidates with accredited credentials.

    Some Important Tips

    Self-Learning and practice

    You are required to understand the importance of practising your technical knowledge and further enhance your skills by learning other in-demand ethical hacking skills. Improving your knowledge is one of the most critical steps that you are required to take. You attain this by watching videos, reading articles and interacting with experts.


    Innovation is the key to stand apart from the crowd. You are not bound to follow the same path as other ethical hackers do to expertise in your field. You need to think far beyond others.

    Search for More Information

    All the information that you need is just a click away. If you find a subject matter exciting or challenging, then try learning more about it.

    Now you are all set to start your ethical hacking journey with LSET as your guide in this journey. All the best and happy learning.

    LSET’s Career Guide for Ethical Hackers

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