Free Ultimate Guide To Coding For Beginners

What Is Programming?

Before moving to the key concepts, we should understand what programming actually is. If you are not clear with this basic, there is no point in dreaming of being a python developer or pursuing a java certification course. A computer is basically a hardware machine which store and process data. It uses Binary language, which is a set of ones and zeroes. Programming Programming is the large-scale procedure of framing a machine program that acts according to the user’s wish. You can consider it as the basic communication between human and machine. It is a medium through which the computer knows human input and acknowledges how and when to process data.

What is Coding?

Coding can be easily understood as a translator of English (or any other human language) and computer’s binary language. It includes a structure through which a developer can write commands using actual syntax. Once a developer writes command, the computer takes them and translate it into binary language and performs the commanded action. In simpler terms, coding is writing in a language that the computer can understand.

What is a Programming Language?

  • JAVA
  • RUBY
  • C
  • C++
  • PHP

All of these languages are used to communicate with a computer, just like humans use different languages to interact.

Any programming language is generally a set of rules and notations. They form commands and implement algorithms on the basis of pre-determined rules of a certain language.

Every different language serves different purposes and fits into a certain type of space.

You cannot master all of them in a single go. Thus, choose wisely by considering your learning purpose, language style and specialization. Then go ahead with it, for instance, if you are aiming at jobs for a python developer, then study python. If you think java is easy than others, then go for a java certification course. The key is to choose as per your requirements.

What is the Syntax?

Ever thought about how to write in a programming language? This is where syntax comes into the picture. Syntax of any computer programming language is a set of rules. These rules define the main structure of language.

Students often confuse between syntax and semantics. Now that you have just read about syntax, let’s see what semantics is to avoid any confusion in future.

Semantics refers to logic, it deals with the meaning of symbols, words and characters. You can say semantics is logical meaning, whereas syntax is form and structure.

Data Structures and Algorithms

The key components of coding are data structures and algorithms. We will briefly portray both of them here so that you can understand the basics of coding.

After being familiar with what is programming, what is programming language and what is coding, it is time to understand what data structures and algorithms are because they are the fundamentals to learn to code.

Data Structures

A computer stores and processes a huge amount of data. In order to make the organization of data easy and offer easy access to information is known as Data Structures. They use a logical approach for organizing data as per two concerns:

  • How to store data ideall
  • What actions can be performed on that data

What to Learn Next

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