Java Enterprise Edition Guide

Java Enterprise Edition Guide

    Table of Contents

    • What is Java technology?
    • What is Java used for?
    • What is Java Enterprise Edition?
    • Specifications of Java EE
    • Web Specifications of Java Enterprise Edition
    • Web Service Specifications of Java Enterprise Edition
    • Enterprise Specifications of Java Enterprise Edition
    • Other Specifications of Java Enterprise Edition
    • Setting up Java Enterprise Edition
    • Requirements
    • Install a Java Development Kit
    • Install Eclipse for Java Enterprise Edition
    • Java Standard Edition vs Java Enterprise Edition

    What is Java technology?

    Java is an object-oriented and network-centric language. It is the most widely used programming language and is also used as a computing platform. It is one of the most secure, fast and reliable programming languages, which is preferred by most organisations to build their projects.

    There are a lot of applications and websites which will not work until you have Java installed, and more are being created every day. Java is everywhere, from laptops to datacenters, cell phones to the Internet, game consoles to scientific supercomputers; It is everywhere! It is one of the most widely used coding languages out there, so it is an excellent skill to learn to boost your career in programming.

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    What is Java used for?

    Here are some essential applications of Java:
    • It is used for creating Android Apps
    • Helps you to develop Enterprise Software
    • A range of Mobile java Applications
    • Used for Big Data Analytics
    • Scientific Computing Applications
    • Java Programming of devices
    • Used for Server-Side Technologies like Apache, GlassFish, etc.

    What is Java Enterprise Edition?

    The Java EE, which is Java Enterprise Edition, was earlier known as J2EE, and now it is known as Jakarta EE. It is a set of specifications enfolded around Java SE, which is Java Standard Edition. The Java Enterprise Edition provides an excellent platform for developers with enterprise features like web services and distributed computing. Java Enterprise Edition applications usually run on reference run times like application servers or microservers. Some examples where Java Enterprise Edition is used are accounting, e-commerce, banking systems.

    Java Enterprise Edition Guide

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