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A Quality Analyst assesses product operations and software, making sure that they are rid of defects and meet the approved quality of the organisation.

If you are someone looking for a proper understanding of Quality Analysis and its methods, this is the ideal course for you.

A Quality Analyst is responsible for ensuring the proper implementation of the principles of software quality assurance, taking into account the entire software development life-cycle. One of the primary parts of the job of a Quality Analyst includes Software Testing. Software testing is used to detect errors in a product or system. A Quality Analyst needs to report these errors and debug them and analyse for further issues. A variety of testing tools are required in the process of quality analysis. Broadly the tools can be categorised into:

  • Test Management Tools
  • Functional Testing Tools
  • Performance Testing Tools
Benefits of learning Quality Analysis
  • A gradual rise in the number of tech companies has brought a surge in need for Quality Analyst specialists. Hence, studying the present market, it is safe to say that there is an immense need for such analysts. QA has emerged as one of the fastest-growing targets in recent years. That is, there is excessive demand in the market but not enough skilled professionals.
  • The average salary of a Quality Analyst in the UK is approximately £55,000.
  • QA has secured a place in the list of the happiest jobs in the world. An independent job that gives you the space of mind and active learning experience.
  • Once you emerge as a set and Certified Quality Analyst with ample experience in the field, there is no looking back. The path of your life is assured of moving towards success.


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