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The process of Product Development covers all the various methods and procedures needed to launch a new product into the market.

If you are someone looking for an in-depth understanding of the processes of Product Development and its implementations, this is the ideal course for you.

Product Development is a multidisciplinary task involving product designing and marketing. Product Development incorporates the course of a complete product, including:

  • Identifying market needs
  • Product design and conceptualisation
  • Building product roadmap
  • Developing a minimum value product (MVP)
  • Launching the MVP to users
  • Repeating the process according to user response

Looking into the narrower subject of product development, it might also be the coding stage for a software product or the manufacturing phase for a physical product.

At LSET, we bring to you integrated courses of Product Development under four certifications. Take your practical skills to the top with an efficient and flexible curriculum.

Benefits of learning Product Development
  • The job role of a Product Developer provides you with constant learning and creative opportunities. Being a PD, you have to work and collaborate with many departments throughout the day. This might be challenging, but it gives you the chance to explore new stuff.
  • No specific specialisation is needed to become a Product Developer. People from many diverse backgrounds end up working in the product role.
  • Since Product Development is currently in high demand, the payscale is equally high. With a satisfying paycheck ranging from £55,000 to £60,000 per annum for entry-level developers.
  • As a Product Developer, you have to work with various teams from different fields which makes your job enjoyable and not tedious.


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