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Product Innovation includes numerous models. One of the popular models is that of Design Thinking. It is an active product innovation method that is conventionally used by designers to resolve intricate dilemmas.

If you are someone looking for an in-depth understanding of Product Innovation and Design Thinking and its incorporation in product management in real life, this is the ideal course for you.

Design Thinking provides you with the tools you need for innovative creations to resolve customer issues and make the products customer friendly. Design Thinking orbits around, developing a deep interest in understanding the target customer’s for whom the product is being designed. Product Innovators are responsible for moulding problems in a user-centric way. It adopts hands-on approaches for experimentation and prototyping.

At LSET, we provide you with the exact and precise hands-on training you need to become the next innovator and design thinker. Our Product Innovation and Design Thinking course come under four varied certifications.

Benefits of learning Product Innovation & Design Thinking
  • Design Thinking is an emerging career option in the field of business management. Today businesses and organisations realise the importance of designing a product which is user friendly.
  • With the rising demand for Design Thinkers and Product Innovators, the average salaries in this field are reaching sky heights.
  • A creative job role that does not pressurise you and makes your work experience satisfying.
  • With the increasing need for Design Thinkers and Product Innovators, the job role is becoming more flexible by the day. Now there are many companies hiring Design Thinkers for remote and part-time jobs.


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