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The LSET School of Computing is ideal for those who know that technology is the future of the humankind and wish to make a career in it. Even if you are starting from scratch, our technical courses and instructors will help you catch up with today’s technology and prepare you to join the workforce. We have included hot subjects in our curriculum that are the most demanded ones in today’s date and have a lot of career opportunities.

Our curriculum includes software engineering, mobile technology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, web design and development and digital marketing at present. Provided by LSET, these courses are made available for distance learning as well. Our learned and experienced instructors will be available to guide you throughout your course and help you grow. We focus on the fundamentals of various technologies, and through that, our learning process metamorphoses into complex and advanced concepts. By using the most innovative learning methods, we keep you engaged, active, and push you to breakthrough and get better in various skills required for these courses. LSET students also get the opportunity to work in a co-working environment to get exposure to real-world challenges.

If you have been looking for a career option in the field of computers, mobiles and technology, then LSET’s school of computing will help you in your learning.

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Mobile Technology

The small form factor of the modern mobile phone is not as simple as it looks. It is the final product of years of engineering, well-thought interface, ease of use, and various programming languages to provide you with so many features. The list of these features might be huge, which makes it a very demanding field for technical professionals. If you are a person who is fascinated by mobile technologies such as Android or iOS and want to start a career in it, then you should not take a second more to join a course from LSET’s Department of Mobile Technology. The courses in this department will help you understand the logic, programmes, software and operating systems used in modern mobile devices. After completion, you will be opening gates to numerous career and research opportunities such as mobile security system, game developer, user experience expert etc.

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Software Engineering

Software engineering is all about manifesting your ideas into reality by applying a quantifiable approach and some rules of engineering. If you are someone who wishes to materialise your tech-savvy creativity and progress in software development and management or programming languages, this would be the right department to get started. Today, a career in software engineering provides some of the highest-paying jobs in the industry. You will be able to fit in the shoes of many roles such as a software developer, software tester, database administrator or maybe a game developer upon the completion of your course from LSET.

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Artificial Intelligence

Those sci-fi movies where the technology was learning and thinking on its own have now become a reality. Be it in the medical sector where machines are diagnosing a disease or robots conducting surgeries or in the business & entertainment sector where your activities prompt sites to provide you with recommendations such as on YouTube and Netflix. The future is AI and automation! If you are curious about making machines walk and talk or just to understand how this works and you can turn it into your career path. Artificial Intelligence is one of the fast-growing domain of information technology. Courses by LSET can open up the door to a successful career in data analysis, research science, natural language processing, or many other roles.

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Cyber Security

Future is technology, which means that technology has taken its roots in our lives and continues to grow further, but along with it comes the threat of cybersecurity. It is essential to keep our data, personal or financial or professional, safe and away from malicious attacks such as phishing, salami slicing, virus or trojan horses. This department is ideal for students who are passionate about making a career in security over the Internet and technology. LSET’s proactive & advanced classes and the co-working facility will help the students learn about the latest security protocols and technologies used in various industries worldwide. After completing a course from this department, you will be opening various career options such as cybersecurity analyst, ethical hacker or security engineer. The project-based learning approach will push you towards gaining excellence in the field.

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Web Designing and Development

In today’s era of the Internet, every business or organisation has a website to propagate about themselves and their work and connect the world with them. Websites today require to be informative and aesthetic, which means that for a person involved in building a website, s/he will have to blend in their creative and aesthetic senses along with their logical and technical skills. LSET’s Department of Web Designing and Development provides various courses to learn Responsive Web Design, Front End Development, and UX Designing. We also give huge emphasis on learning web developing languages such as CSS, XML, Javascript etc. By completing a course from this department, you will be prepared to become employable as a web developer, web designer or a front end officer among many other job roles to choose from.

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Digital Marketing

This department is ideal for the students who are into technology, social media and business marketing. With the introduction of digital technologies in our lives, the meaning of marketing strategies has also changed. The ads are now focused on the target audience and reach them via the place where they spend most of their time, social media. Business organisations have understood the importance and potential of digital marketing. Thus, there’s a massive demand for digital marketing professionals who can run successful campaigns. By completing a course from this department, you can become an SEO analyst, digital marketist, social media expert, etc.