Cyber Forensics Analyst

Cyber Forensics Analyst Course

A Cyber Forensics Analyst is a person who assists in the investigation of crimes and cybersecurity incidents by enabling a range of technoscientific software and other similar procedures.

If you are someone looking for an extensive understanding of cyber forensics and its implementation in the investigation of criminal activities, this is the ideal course for you.

A cyber forensics analyst uses various software inputs and other related systems to secure, retrieve, and analyse data linked to a chain of criminal pursuits. These illegal or criminal activities include:

  • Hacking
  • Network intrusions
  • Online scams and fraud
  • Political, industrial and commercial espionage
  • Terrorist communications
  • The use of illegal images
  • Theft of confidential information

In many circumstances, they work to revive hidden, encrypted or erased information associated with the plight. They also safeguard the purity of data by following a series of supervision that assures its admissibility in court.
At LSET, this exclusive course of cyber forensics comes under four certifications. Each of them will focus on practical skills and real-world implications of your learning.

Benefits of learning cyber forensics
  • With the immense growth in data breaches and cybercrimes in recent years, the role of cyber forensics has also grown exceptionally. Typically, computer forensics has excellent benefits for businesses and criminal department
  • Once you are a certified cyber forensics analyst, your salary will range from 1,620 EUR (lowest) to 4,760 EUR (highest). The former is the average monthly salary, and it also includes housing costs, transport and travel expenses.
  • The job prospect for cyber forensics analysts as examiners and investigators is favourable due to the rapid growth of cybercrimes. According to BLS International, the related occupation of information security analysts is expected to grow by 28% between 2016 and 2026.


Cyber Forensics Analyst Beginner Certificate

Cyber Forensics Analyst Advanced Certificate

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