Hybrid Developer

Hybrid Developer Course

A Hybrid Developer is someone who works on developing applications that are a combination of elements taken from native apps and web applications.

If you are someone looking for an extensive understanding of hybrid apps and implementation of hybrid development, this is the ideal course for you.

Hybrid applications are originally web apps that have been inserted in a native app shell. After downloading from an app store and installing it locally, the native app shell can reach out to all the capabilities the mobile software provides with the help of an embedded browser.

Hybrid apps are popular because the code created by the developers can be used to accommodate multiple platforms. Hybrid apps are generally written in:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

At LSET, this exclusive course of Hybrid Developer comes under four certifications. Each of them will focus on practical skills and real-world implications of your learning.

Benefits of learning Hybrid Development
  • With a rise in the demand for app developers in this virtually driven world, this is one of the most attractive jobs in the mobile technology world.
  • Once you're a certified Hybrid Developer, your annual package will not be less than £75,000. Hybrid Developers are famous due to their flexible app creations backed with embedded search engines.
  • App revenues are on the up. When you consider app revenues and its future, it is not surprising as to why app developers are paid such hefty amounts. Via app stores and in-app ads, mobile applications are projected to earn approximately £1400 billion by the year 2020.
  • Owing to the high demand and popularity of hybrid applications, Hybrid Developers have flexible working conditions.
  • There is anticipated growth in tech-employability of 12% by the year 2024.


Hybrid Developer Beginner Certificate

Hybrid Developer Advanced Certificate