Social Collaborations

International Student Support

Students face challenges frequently and they are not able to solve them instantly. Sometimes, they not even know whom to ask for help. To eradicate such voids, social collaboration is what we prefer. We create an unhindered communication channel where students can post their queries and the fellow students, mentors or faculty members across LSET can respond.

Effective social collaboration is our strategy that makes knowledge transfer seamless and easy. Students get access to a pool of knowledge in a public way. This further helps in lessening the transition period when they have to join the workforce.

When they are siloed and limited a certain project, they might only gain knowledge about the same project. In such setups, they might not get ideas on other aspects or options available. This gives birth to siloed education which can offer only partial benefits.

Having an efficient collaboration tool enables social collaboration within LSET simpler. We receive an overwhelming response from students who are already gaining valuable results. We understand that a separate platform or application for socially collaborating may not be motivational enough to use it regularly. Instead, we have implemented a digital platform within LSET to manage all tasks, internal communication, processes and curriculum. The digital presence fosters a digitally driven culture of collaboration, sharing ideas and information effectively and ultimately delivers better results.

At LSET, we consider social collaborations as a crucial learning source. It is basically using a blend of social networking and social media to get work done. It needs a top to bottom approach in the real workforce, and we prepare students for the same.