Webinar to Guide the Python Professionals

Career Opportunities in Python in the UK, US, and Europe

Mastering Python can provide you with diverse job opportunities with numerous benefits. This high-level language is being used in a variety of projects, including data science, artificial intelligence, backend development, and more. In fact, employers consider it as one of the most demanded languages in the world. A Python professional can expect to earn a handsome salary and awesome perks.

Jobs in Python can let you explore diverse jobs with a variety of roles and responsibilities!

About the Webinar

In this interactive webinar, the attendees will be exposed to the great opportunities in Python programming language from the Python industry experts. You will learn about the best implementations and best practices required in Python programming. The webinar- “Career Opportunities in Python in the UK, US, and Europe” will begin on 7th August 2021, from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM BST.

Key Details

  • Date: 21st August 2021
  • Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM BST
  • Topic: Python

Why Should You Attend the LSET Webinar?

The “Career Opportunities in Python in the UK, US, and Europe” webinar organised by the London School of Emerging Technology aims to provide career counselling in Python development. The attendees will learn about the diverse career paths that can be pursued after learning the Python programming language.

Special Highlight: 10 selected individuals from the webinar will be chosen for a free career preparatory workshop on Python. This would greatly help them to choose the most appropriate career path according to their knowledge, qualifications, and skillset. The industry experts will be preparing the future Python developers and professionals.

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Benefits of Attending the Webinar

  • Exposure to Python-related professions
  • Career guidance to become a Python professional
  • An interactive hour with Python experts
  • Understanding the different job roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding the industries where Python can be applied
  • Understanding the extensive use of Python libraries

Topics Discussed in the Webinar

  • The growth of the Python programming language
  • Tools and libraries used by Python professionals
  • Applications of Python programming language
  • How professionals handle Python projects
  • Top industries looking for Python professionals
  • Challenges faced by Python professionals

Questions Discussed in the Webinar

  • Which job profiles can be explored by Python professionals?
  • What is the career scope after learning Python?
  • How to learn to program in Python?
  • How to become more employable after learning Python?
  • Which topics are discussed in the Python interview?
  • What are the latest tools and libraries used in Python development?
  • What are the current challenges in the Python industry?

Who Should Attend this Webinar?

  • Students who want to learn Python programming for a prosperous career
  • Students who have just finished learning Python and want to start a career in Python
  • Professionals who are looking for a career change
  • Students who want to become Data scientists
  • Enthusiasts who want to learn machine learning in the future

Why Should You Learn Python?

Today, Python has become a very popular programming language used by IT enterprises and businesses. It is a general-purpose language used for software development. Python has been there for decades with other programming languages like C and Java. It has become very popular in the last two decades with new applications and use-cases.

  • Python is a very versatile language and is used in various industries. This language is preferred in web development, artificial intelligence, data science, product development, statistical analysis, and more.
  • Learning Python can be your key to a career in Data Science or Machine Learning. Python is regarded as the top language in industries with high-level mathematics and statistics.
  • Python is also the fastest-growing programming language due to its huge market share in various industries.
  • Due to the popularity of Python, there is a huge demand for talented Python professionals in the job market.
  • Despite having huge applications, Python is easier to read, write and understand than other programming languages.
  • Being an open-source language, Python has a huge community. There are tons of online forums and local events that help the programmers learn from other developers’ success.

Career Options in Python

Python Developer

It is the most common job after learning Python. You have to develop websites, optimise data algorithms, solve data analytical problems, implement security and data protection, etc.

Product Manager

Product Manager

Data plays a crucial role in project management. Python is a great language for handling huge sets of data with ease. Therefore, companies are looking for product managers who have knowledge of Python.

Data Analyst

There are powerful Python libraries that make it easy to handle large sets of data. It is often considered the best language for machine learning and AI. Data analysts with the knowledge of Python are high in demand.



There’s no shortage of new learners who want to learn Python. You can become a computer science instructor to teach the language. A teaching role could give you a decent salary package.

Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

The best financial institutions want their professionals to learn Python to assist their financial planning with the effective use of data. Thus, finance students are also learning Python to excel in their careers.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning professional has to develop and train machines, programs, and other computers to make predictions based on Python. It is considered as a great language for automation and algorithms.

Top Python Professionals Employers

ethical hacking courses
Cisco Systems
Intel Corporation
Intel Corporation

Skills You Need to Become a Python Professional

These are the important skills that you need to have to make the best out of opportunities.

Mastery over Core Python
Good knowledge of all the major frameworks
Good analytical skills
Good analytical skills
Mastery over front-end technologies
Mastery over front-end technologies
Debugging and unit testing skills
Debugging and unit testing skills
Mastery in logical thinking
Mastery in logical thinking