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About Us

LSET’s History

LSET provides the perfect combination of traditional teaching methods and a diverse range of metamorphosed skill training. These techniques help us infuse core corporate values such as entrepreneurship, liberal thinking, and a rational mindset.

We encourage the students to build skill sets and discover innovative solutions for real-life industry problems. The compact student groups, flexible learning hours, and a huge emphasis on extracurricular activities makes the overall learning experience more engaging and exciting. This could be the best opportunity for anyone who wants to become ready for the fast-paced competitive world.

Our trained and experienced faculty members and industry experts are known as the pioneers in the field of education. This helps us to provide individual attention.

LSET is actively looking for collaboration with upcoming start-ups and established leader companies. This enables the student to cultivate communications for future references. We give the best opportunity to work in close proximity with the corporate world to give each student a career boost.

Professional Induction

Our Philosophy

With our next-generation education system and state of the art technological inputs, we strive to impart highly developed practical skill training that will shape our students into leaders of tomorrow.


LSET's Principle

LSET seeks to deliver equal opportunities to every student regardless of their backgrounds or physical disabilities. We believe that the power of knowledge can bridge every gap in the world.

International Hub

Key Of Success

At LSET, students will be on a path to acquire skill-sets like developing entrepreneurship mindsets, incorporation of practical methods at workspaces, social responsibility, networking, and a lot more.


To become the go-to source for those looking to become employable.


Make students employable by providing the highest quality of hands-on industry-focused training, offering students a chance to gain real-world experience through internships and other forms of mentorship, creating a conducive learning environment that encourages critical thinking and problem-solving, and empowering students to reach their full potential.


A Uniquely Knit Campus

For the benefit of our students, our campus is widely spread over various destinations in and around the heart of the throbbing city of London With the strategic placements of our offices, classrooms, and other infrastructures, we present to our students hands-on, real-world experience. It is a never seen before endeavour for the sole benefit of students who aspire to make an impact and stand out.



At LSET, set out on a journey that is filled with real-world challenges and practical training. Overcome your fears and become an emerging tech innovator or entrepreneur. With our practical and innovative curriculum, students will always be on the edge of their seats. Our certificate programs include a set of challenging yet productive courses to instil fundamental core values like impromptu decision making into our students.

Lset about

Alumni Club

At LSET, we believe in keeping our community closely connected. Being a part of our Alumni Club will give you exclusive benefits and free access to certain facilities. We support our students even after the completion of their courses. A Global Alumni Meet will be arranged at the end of every year, a once in a lifetime experience for everyone to stay connected forever.

Life at LSET

At LSET, we welcome students and working individuals from all spheres of the technical and well as management world. As students, learning and practising and as workers sharpening your former skills to be ready with your full potential will be the essential goal of our education system.

Flexible Timings

The classes are short and precise to give the students ample time for self-learning. A short duration every day, to train students and also track the daily progress made. Since the classes will only take-up a few hours of their day, students will also have plenty of time to explore the city of London.

London Exposure

Located right in the business and technology hub of the city of London, spending time around the city will give you ample exposure and opportunities. Not only will you study there, but numerous job opportunities will also come your way that can be life-changing.

Favourable Staff

With excellent general staff, you will have ample opportunities for innovation and implementing your ideas. With extreme individual relations, teachers will be able to provide equal care and attention to every student. You will not miss out on anything, and keeping up to date will be a cake-walk.