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English for Engineers

About the Bootcamp

Welcome to LSET’s English for Engineers course. This course aims to develop technical communication skills and specialisation in the English language among engineering students. By completing this course, they will be able to effectively and confidently communicate their thoughts and ideas with seniors, clients and colleagues.

Beginner’s English

Beginner’s English

Join LSET’s Beginners English for Engineers Bootcamp to develop technical communication skills and specialisation in the English language among Engineering students and professionals. The practical experience will make you a linguistically capable engineer and expect higher-paying jobs.
Advanced English

Advanced English

Join LSET’s Advanced English for Engineers to learn advanced English specially used in the IT world for written and oral communication. This Bootcamp is only suitable for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners who want to crank up their language skills. Speak proper English with the right accent!
“Confident Professionals Have the Ability to Influence People With Their Ideas”

Proficiency in the English Language Can Be the Key to Your Success

Focus Areas of LSET English for Engineers Course:

  • Enabling the learners to have proficiency in technical and semi-technical vocabulary to familiarise themselves with the day-to-day practices of a business or technical organisation
  • Preparing professionals to manage documentation related to realistic tasks in a workplace
  • Focusing on active listening and speaking skills to develop their communication skills for the workplace

Features of the Course:

  • Listening Skills: Active listening, listening, and note-making.
  • Speaking Skills: Proper use of words in a context, using formal expressions and giving formal presentations.
  • Reading Skills: Analysation of the text through deep scanning.
  • Writing Skills: Effective use of grammar, academic writing, report writing, resume writing, project proposal writing, etc.

Course Details

The LSET English for engineers course focuses on grammar and comprehension essentials required for aspiring engineering students and professionals. The individuals will be able to learn reading/writing/listening, note-taking, summarising, advanced grammar, report writing, and vocabulary. This course requires no prior specialisation. Only knowledge of basic English should be sufficient for the participants to apply for LSET’s English for Engineers Course. For an engineering student, fluency in the English language is vital for both studies and career. Since Engineering consists of vast fields of studies, thus much of the research and academics have been done in English. Therefore, it becomes really important to have fluency in English to understand the complex concepts conveyed by researchers and authors. Communication in English is equally important to develop strong relationships and understanding with colleagues since English is an international language! In the age of globalisation, privatisation, and liberalisation, effective communication is the key to success. The English language is considered the most accepted language in the international research, business, technology, and aviation industries. LSET wants to prepare engineering aspirants for the evolving corporate world that seeks sound communication skills and technical knowledge. By having a good hold on communication, you will be able to set high standards in an organisation. The English for Engineers course focuses on teaching business level English with practical projects and activities.

English for Engineers

Join the LSET English for Engineers Bootcamp to prepare your communication skills for the IT world. Polish yourself to become a skilled and talented engineer.