LEST Alumni: Where Success Stories Unite and Futures Ignite!

LSET Alumni


Once you become a part of the LSET community, our support and amenities are never-ending. Even after successful completion of your set courses, your connection with the LSET Alumni network will give you incredible benefits and continued facilities from our side.

LSET Alumni

We are an emerging institution providing next-generation education to students across the world. Our primary focus is on training our students based on job-related courses. Our scattered practical classrooms and offices are specially located for the students to work closely with start-ups, absorbing them as interns or permanent workers.

At LSET, we aim at keeping our students connected in a perpetual network. Our Alumni programs and events are meant for pass-outs to share their experience with newcomers and make an impression of our institution. Being an LSET Alumni comes with enormous benefits and resources.

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Global Alumni Meet

Where the Past meets the Future

LSET organises an annual meet for its alumni to reunite and meet their peers. This event is organised in London, where the students get the chance to get guidance and learn from our esteemed alumni members. We also invite numerous guest speakers from prestigious institutions to address the students. Apart from guidance and reunion, we also organise entertainment activities to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.