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LSET Satellite Campuses: Elevating Education worldwide

London School of Emerging Technology (LSET) is pleased to announce the launch of its satellite Campuses, a significant step in our dedication to providing finest education. This innovative online campus will offer a wide range of comprehensive courses in the fields of technology, business, and design.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple yet profound: to empower learners from all corners of the globe with cutting-edge knowledge and skills that will propel them toward success in today's dynamic and competitive world.
LSET Vision
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What is LSET Satellite Campus?

The LSET Satellite Campus seamlessly integrates education and innovation. Our online platform overcomes geographical barriers, ensuring that accessible, high-quality education is available to all. Explore a diverse range of courses encompassing technology, business, and design, and benefit from flexible learning options, including online classes, blended learning, and on-campus experiences tailored to suit your busy lifestyle. When you enrol with us, you will receive guidance from world-class faculty who are experts in their fields, connect with a global community of peers and professionals, and you will have a recognised certification.

Why enroll at LSET Satellite Campus?

Choosing to attend an LSET Satellite Campus offers a multitude of advantages, including

Access to World-Class Education

Why settle for less when you can join an institution like LSET that excels in education, particularly in the fields of technology, business, and design? Here, you will have the privilege of learning from industry luminaries, ensuring you receive a top-tier education.

Flexible Learning Options

Wondering how to balance your educational pursuits with a busy life? LSET has you covered with its diverse learning options. Whether you prefer the convenience of online courses, the blend of blended learning, or the on-campus experience, you can select the format that best aligns with your schedule and learning preferences.

Global Networking Opportunities

Why limit your connections to a single location when you can tap into LSET’s vast global network? With campuses scattered worldwide and esteemed partners, LSET facilitates connections with students and professionals from various corners of the globe. These networking opportunities enrich your academic journey and expand your horizons.

Accredited Certification

When it comes to certifications, LSET doesn’t compromise. Rest assured, LSET is accredited by NCC Education (Awarding Great British Qualifications) to provide diploma and degree courses. An institution known for its academic excellence, ensuring that your LSET journey leads to globally recognised certifications.

Explore the diverse array of courses available at the LSET Satellite Campus, covering technology, business, and design. Click the link below to browse our course offerings:

London School of Emerging Technology

Testimonials from past students

  • That was such a nice experience being part of the Automation Course.
    I had many concerns at the beginning as I am completely new to this field. But Mayur is a great teacher with endless patient and enormous experience. The school also has a great team that prepare you for the industry, which we need.
    It can’t be any better.

    LSET Icon
    Kubra Unay
    Course: Software Automation Testing
  • Recently completed a 4-month Javascript and Cypress course with Mayur as our lead trainer. All I can say is that Mayur has the patience of a saint! The course is pretty intensive with lots of information to retain. However, it is run in an interactive way making sure everyone gets involved. If you want to get to the most of of these courses, be prepared to get your hands dirty and get stuck in!

    LSET Icon
    Richard Prince
    Course: Software Automation Testing
  • It was a brilliant experience learning from Mayur. He was extremely patience and although there were few topics that I thought could have been explained better (that may have been as I was a complete beginner).
    He was very flexible and it was fun to learn from him. He is a great teacher and I definitely recommend him anytime.
    Thank you so much Mayur for your time and patience.

    LSET Icon
    Noopur Srivastava
    Course: Software Automation Testing
  • Full stack java course was outstanding, the LSET instructor is very great and able to explained all the modules very clearly. Even the difficult ones and accommodate and extended time to solve any technical difficulties we encountered. Thanks, Mayur, for your great training and sharing your deep experience. LSET would be my go-to for further skilling.

    LSET Icon
    Elrashid Mohamed
    Course: Full stack Java
  • Overall experience was really very good.. Each and every concept was explained in depth and with easy and real-life examples which helped me a lot to understand the concepts as the field is totally new to me. The best part of the course was that more focus was on hands-on training which was very helpful. Exercises and assignments built more confidence. Thank you LSET and especially Mayur for this course and your valuable guidance.

    LSET Icon
    Sushmita Sudhakar Raopati
    Course: Software Automation Testing
  • I am a very busy mum with three kids, joined LSET in May this year. Mayur helped me to find the right course for me to start a new journey. I am so thankful for my teacher Jaya, she is teaching me a digital marketing course with one-to-one sessions. I advise everyone who wants to learn IT courses, that the LSET course is the best one. I have tried several courses before this, but none of them are like this. Also, the tuition fee is affordable. Thank you so much to the LSET team for helping me continue to pursue IT even with my circumstances.

    LSET Icon
    Ozoda Halmuradova
    Course: Digital Marketing
  • The course was perfect. It fitted all my job needs and the instructor is very thoughtful. I will definitely do other courses in the future and I will strongly recommend for those who wants to gain a deeper knowledge about the cutting-edge technologies in the market.

    LSET Icon
    Eric Hossein Fontes
    Course: DevOps Engineer
  • I started as a really beginner and now I am aware of how much I am learning every single lesson. Lessons are aimed at teaching what really happens in the world of work. Highly recommended.

    LSET Icon
    Silvia Scano
    Course: Software Automation Testing
  • Thank you so much for this helpful and beautiful course! Very nice that I could be part of this course. Very competent instructor – explained all concepts well and clearly.

    LSET Icon
    Gowsika Yogaraj
    Course: Software Automation Testing
  • Excellent learning environment; the instructor addresses all issues, which aids in the development of a thorough understanding of the course.

    LSET Icon
    Ovie Efi
    Course: Software Automation Testing

Scholarships or Financial aid opportunities

At the LSET Satellite Campus, our commitment to providing accessible, high-quality education extends to tailoring scholarship opportunities according to your country. We understand that financial situations can vary widely, and we aim to cater to the specific needs of students from different regions.

Our scholarship program is thoughtfully designed to consider country-specific factors, ensuring that deserving individuals, regardless of their geographic location, have the opportunity to access quality education. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and distinction, allowing exceptional students to receive significant financial support. In some cases, scholarships can cover up to 60% of their course fees.

This approach not only eases the financial burden for students but also acknowledges and incentivises academic excellence, empowering individuals to concentrate on their educational pursuits and personal growth, free from excessive financial worries.

At LSET Satellite Campus, we are dedicated to nurturing talent and providing equal opportunities for deserving students from all corners of the globe to reach their full potential. Our country-specific scholarship initiatives underscore our commitment to empowering students on their educational journey, regardless of their geographical background.
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