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PRO PLAN: A program to make you employable



Welcome to the London School of Emerging Technology Pro Plan, which is designed to help you succeed in your course. Our primary aim is to offer you an opportunity to gain additional skills with a dedicated mentor, empowering you to expand your technical abilities and build a strong portfolio.

What is the LSET PRO PLAN?

The LSET PRO PLAN is an add-on program specifically designed for students who aim to open doors to their dream careers. It provides knowledge as well as it equips you with essential resources, expert guidance, and promising career prospects to advance your professional journey. With a strong focus on personal growth, this program assigns you a dedicated mentor to guide and help you build your technical portfolio. Additionally, we enrich your learning experience with valuable hands-on sessions led by our teaching assistants.
What is the LSET Pro Plan?

Program Cost: £400

What is covered in the LSET Pro Plan?

Career Counseling One-on-One

At LSET, we are committed to your success with personalised, one-on-one career counselling. Our goal is to make you job-ready and confident for success.

CV Preparation

We understand the importance of a standout CV. Our experts will work with you to craft a professional CV that showcases your skills and achievements effectively.

Creating Your Social Media Presence

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial. We will guide you in creating and optimising your social media profiles, making you more visible to potential employers.

Aptitude Tests and Assessments

Technical interviews often include assessments. We will provide you with aptitude tests and assessments to ensure you’re well-prepared to excel in these rounds.

Interview Preparation

Nailing interviews is a key step in landing your dream job. Our interview preparation sessions will sharpen your interviewing skills and boost your confidence.

LinkedIn Page Creation

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking and job hunting. We will assist you in creating a compelling LinkedIn profile that attracts attention from industry professionals.

Live Engagement

Participate in live sessions to connect with experts, seek clarification, and interact with fellow learners.

LinkedIn Job Search Training

Finding the right job on LinkedIn can be challenging. Our training will equip you with the skills to navigate job listings, connect with the right people, and maximise your job search success.

Why Choose the LSET PRO Plan for Your Career Advancement?

At LSET, we appreciate that your career aspirations are as individual as you are. That's why we have developed the LSET PRO PLAN, an outstanding program designed to enhance your career to unprecedented levels. Here's why you should contemplate this plan:
Why Choose the LSET PRO Plan for Your Career Advancement?
  • TAILORED CAREER SUPPORTThe LSET PRO Plan offers personalised career guidance, recognising that each aspirant career path is distinctive. Our expert advisors work with you to create a roadmap that aligns with your specific goals and aspirations.
  • UNRIVALED LEARNING ADVENTURESDive into an array of meticulously crafted courses, workshops, and resources that span the spectrum of advanced subjects. From cutting-edge technologies to intricate skill sets, every facet is thoughtfully covered to broaden your horizons by our expert mentors. Along with meticulously crafted courses, get extra workshops, and resources that span the spectrum and help you to upskill.
  • GUIDANCE FROM EXPERTSElevate your technical knowledge through one-on-one sessions with industry experts, enabling you to excel in interviews and redefine your skills for real-world application.
  • CUSTOMISED LEARNING PATHWAYSThe LSET PRO Plan acknowledges that every journey is unique. Optimise your learning experience that align with your objectives, whether it’s mastering a new skill, staying updated with industry trends, or pivoting into a new career.
  • HANDS-ON MASTERYWith our LSET course and internship, you will gain the skills and confidence for a successful professional career. Yet, a crucial step is effectively presenting your hands-on experience in job interviews. This is where our LSET Pro Plan becomes valuable. We will diligently prepare you to overcome challenges with confidence and communicate your practical knowledge and its applications in the real-world.
  • CULTIVATING CAREER EXCELLENCEBeyond knowledge acquisition, LSET PRO PLAN equips you with resources that elevates your career trajectory. From interview preparation to networking strategies, the plan empowers you to stand out in a competitive job market.
  • INTERACTIVE LEARNING COMMUNITYEngage in live Q&A sessions and discussions, and connect with peers who share your passion. This community fosters an environment of mutual learning, support, and camaraderie.

How can participants expect career opportunities or advancements after completing the Pro Plan?

After completing the PRO PLAN, participants can anticipate several career opportunities and advancements, including:

Improved chances of landing their dream job

Enhanced skills and knowledge relevant to their field

Increased confidence in interviews and assessments

A stronger professional network through our interactive learning community

How can participants expect career opportunities or advancements after completing the Pro Plan?
LSET Pro Plan

How to add LSET PRO PLAN to your course?

To subscribe to the LSET Pro Plan, simply follow these steps:
  • During the admission process when selecting your course, you will encounter an option for an add-on program, which includes the Pro Plan.
  • All you need to do is check the box associated with the Pro Plan option, and it will be automatically added to your chosen course.

How LSET Pro Plan works?


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CV Updating and Skills Highlighting


Building a Strong Online Presence


Interactive Learning Community


Comprehensive Interview Preparation


Aptitude Tests and Assessments

Once you have subscribed to the LSET PRO Plan, you will have access to all of the benefits that it offers

  • Step 1: Take advantage of personalised career counseling. This is a great opportunity to get help with your job search and to develop a career plan that is right for you. A career counselor can help you to:
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a job search strategy.
  • Build your professional network.
  • Explore different career options.
  • Navigate the job market.
  • Step 2: We will help you to update your CV and highlight your skills and experience by working with you to:
  • Review your current CV and identify any areas that need improvement.
  • Help you to write clear and concise descriptions of your skills and experience.
  • Proofread your CV for any errors in grammar or spelling.
  • Provide you with feedback on how to make your CV more effective.
  • Step 3: We will help you to build a strong online presence that includes having a professional LinkedIn profile and active social media accounts by working with you to:
  • Create A Professional LinkedIn Profile That Highlights Your Skills and Experience.
  • Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile So That It Is Visible to Potential Employers.
  • Help You to Connect with Other Professionals in Your Field and to Share Your Work
  • Step 4: You can participate in the interactive learning community. This is a great way to connect with other students and professionals, ask questions, and get help. It is a space where you can:
  • Share Your Work and Get Feedback from Others
  • Find Mentors and Collaborators
  • Stay Up to Date on Industry Trends
  • Build Your Professional Network
  • Step 5: We will assist you in comprehensive interview preparation. This entails practising responses to typical interview questions and refining your elevator pitch. We will collaborate with you to:
  • Practice your answers to common interview questions.
  • Rehearse your elevator pitch.
  • Give you feedback on your interview skills.
  • Mock interviews sessions.
  • Step 6: Aptitude tests and assessments can be a valuable tool for self-assessment and career planning. They can help you to:
  • Explore different career options.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Take Your Next Step Towards Success

The LSET PRO Plan is your bridge from education to employment. It's the support system that ensures you are job-prepared.

Let’s make your career aspirations a reality!