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Angular Web Development

Become an Angular Web Developer with LSET

Become an Angular Web Developer with LSET

Welcome to LSET Angular web development Bootcamp. In this comprehensive workshop, we are going to focus on web development with the latest version of Angular. Professionals use this technology for building complex and enterprise applications.

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Bootcamp Information

Bootcamp Initiation Date

  • 12th June 2021
  • 12th July 2021
  • 12th August 2021

Bootcamp Duration

  • 6 months/ 100+ plus hours
  • Weekdays and weekend batches

Practical Sessions

  • 6+ sessions
  • Hands-on activities
  • Soft skills development

Class Timings

  • Weekdays Batch: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (Mon, Tue, Wed)
  • Weekends Batch: 9 AM to 12 PM (Sat, Sun)

Entry Criteria

  • Background Evaluation
  • Technical Proficiency Test
  • Selection Interview

Evaluation Criteria

  • Continuous evaluation with practical projects and assignments
  • The participants must secure over 65% in assessment after the completion of Bootcamp

Bootcamp Sessions

  • Complimentary Workshop
  • Interview Preparation
  • CV Preparation
  • Personality Development

Bootcamp Fee

Eligibility Criteria

  • Experience with HTML
  • Basic understanding of JavaScript
  • Proficiency with computers.

Bootcamp Goals

Our 6 months of extensive practical training will introduce you to project and assignments based on real business and enterprise scenarios. We aim to provide you with a headstart with your Angular developer career.

  • We are giving a huge emphasis on interactive learning experience with maximum interactions with the trainers and participants.
  • We will give real-world experience to the participants to prepare future Angular developers.
  • We will help you develop a strong portfolio to impress any potential employer.
Bootcamp Goals

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Why Learn Angular

Why Learn Angular?

  • Angular enables developers to write shorter codes and save more time.
  • Learning Angular can provide you with different job roles like front-end developer, software developer, software architect, etc.
  • It enables you to develop full-featured applications with a reliable and flexible interface.
  • It is very easy to integrate Angular applications. There are a plethora of frameworks in the market.

Best Career Paths

Web Developer

Web Developer

A web developer has to write well designed, tested, and reliable code to develop websites. They have to master HTML and CSS. Plus, they might also need to work with back-end services and databases.
App Developer

Web App Developer

A Web App developer has to use scripting languages, content creation, management tools, and more to develop web-based applications. They also have to consider the user interface and experience of the application.
Associate Technology Analyst

Associate Technology Analyst

This professional has to work in the information technology department of an organisation. They have to conduct research, analyse, review technical reports, gather data from different departments.
UI Developer

UI Developer

A UI developer has to convert creative software design ideas into reality by leveraging front end technology. They have to prioritise user and business requirements to build the best design elements.
UK Developer

UX Developer

A user experience professional has to optimise applications to enhance the ease of use by using different innovative approaches to fix end-users problems. They have to gather and evaluate user requirements.
javascript developer

JavaScript Developer

A JavaScript developer has to work on the implementation of the front-end logic that determines the visual elements of web applications. They also have to create a connecting bridge between the services and the back-end.

Top Companies Hiring Angular Developers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise






Cognizant Technology Solutions

Mobile Programming

Mobile Programming







Cognizant Technology Solutions


who should apply for this bootcam

Who Should Apply for this Bootcamp?

  • Professionals who want to increase their skillset
  • Professionals who are expecting to get a better paying job
  • Learners who want to build Single Page Applications (SPA)
  • Learners who are looking for diverse career opportunities

About the Bootcamp

The knowledge of Angular has become necessary among the developers because it is a valuable addition to a number of developers’ kits. In this Bootcamp, we will also focus on a lot of advanced topics with hands-on exercises from industry experts. 

Students will learn this JavaScript library to overcome some of the shortcomings of HTML while building web applications.

About the Bootcamp
  • The participants will be able to learn to develop single-page applications with the help of Angular and TypeScript.
  • The participants will have a clear understanding of the concepts behind the structuring of applications.
  • The participants will be learning through a project-based learning approach and get the chance to work on real-world projects and assignments.
  • LSET provides live mentor support and structured training to its participants to ensure maximum participation.
  • The experts have developed this Angular Web Development Bootcamp curriculum from LSET’s School of Computing.
  • The Bootcamp classes are provided by industry experts who have years of experience with Angular.

The Bootcamp Provides Shared Expertise by

lset trainers

LSET Trainers

industry experts

Industry Experts

top employers

Top Employers

Angular Developer







Modules and Components

Modules and Components



SPA Building

SPA Building

Web Serviees

Web Services

Node Package Manager

Node Package Manager


Angular CLI






What Will Be Your Responsibilities?

  • Working with tested JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Developing user interfaces by adhering to the best AngularJS practices
  • Adapt interface for modern internet applications
  • Conduct performance tests
  • Collaborate with team members to develop effective application
  • Get involved in product analysis tasks
  • Making technical and design decisions for AngualarJS projects

How Project-Based Learning works?

  • This type of learning approach encourages students to work collaboratively in a team in order to develop high-performance Angular applications.
  • Project-based learning prepares the participants with constant practice by understanding the consumer requirements.
  • The students are encouraged to work on real-world projects to solve real problems. It greatly helps them to apply their learned skill in the real-world workplace.
  • We challenge the participants to come up with new innovative ideas.

Projects from the Bootcamp

LSET gives you the option to choose from a list of Projects and work with peers. It will greatly help you to build your professional portfolio;
Notepad Application

Notepad Application

This is a beginner level project for Angular learners. The application will work like a digital notebook where the user can create and store notes. We will be building this by using NodeJs, Angular CLI, and Bootstrap.
Standard Chat Application

Standard Chat Application

This is also a beginner level project for Angular aspirants. We will be using Angular CLI, RxJS and injectable services. The application mainly consists of message, thread, and user. There will be individual streams for managing the streams for each model.
Secure Backup Software System

Secure Backup Software System

In this project, the user will be able to store documents and files of any format in an exclusive folder. We will be using a SQL database for storing the file details. It will provide secure backup options where it will block any unauthorised access.
Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager

In this project, we will be integrating Angular with Node.js RESTful services. This customer service app will also include RxJS observables, custom components, and reactive forms.

Bootcamp Curriculum

  • What is Angular material
  • Categories of components
  • Dependency injection and services
  • Backend application interface explanation
  • Angular HTTP client
  • Integrating backend services
  • Hands-on example to build an Angular app
  • Setting up your development environment
  • Step-by-step app development
  • JavaScript & TypeScript relationship
  • Transpilation vs Compilation
  • Data Typing
  • What is Routing?
  • Building Angular components
  • A tree of components- App architecture
  • Annotations
  • Templates
  • Directives
  • Angular programming basics
  • Angular 9 concepts
  • How Angular works
  • Look and experience of Angular application
  • Angular building blocks
  • Interpolation
  • Templating and styling
  • Property binding
  • Event binding
  • Pipes
  • Flex-layout
  • Responsive-Layout Engine
  • Why use NGB?
  • Integrating NGB
  • Installing NGB
  • Examples of NGB
  • NGB Widgets
  • UX design and rules of thumb

*Modules of our curriculum are subject to change depending on availability and relevance. The participants will be informed about the final curriculum in their induction classes.

Tools & Technologies You Will Learn from This Bootcamp












Angular Kickstart



Practical Session Approaches

  • Experiential learning to solve real-world problems
  • Angular integration classes
  • Developing high-performance and reliable Angular applications
  • Interactive testing and debugging classes
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Soft skills development
  • Portfolio development support

Complete Learning Experience

We want the learners of this Angular web development Bootcamp to be capable enough to develop highly reliable Angular applications. You will be given complete hands-on experience to understand Angular and its fundamentals in a practical manner with ease.
Complete Learning exp
  • LSET Bootcamp is an international learning platform to learn Angular and develop world-class projects.
  • We give you access to our interactive e-learning resources with the Bootcamp.
  • LSET gives live mentor support and concept simplification to every student.
  • Work with hands-on projects and assignments.

Reasons to Choose LSET

  • Interactive live sessions by Angular experts to teach beginners AngularJS
  • Practical classes with project-based learning and hands-on activities
  • International learning platform to promote collaboration and teamwork
  • We have the most up-to-date Angular web development curriculum developed by Angular professionals
  • Gain access to the huge e-learning resources provided by the LSET
  • One-to-one attention to ensure maximum participation in the class
  • Lifetime career guidance to get the students employed in good companies
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Complete Job Guarantee

LSET provides a job guarantee as an add on to its eligible advanced certificate Bootcamps and courses. Therefore, we will provide you job guarantee after completing this Bootcamp.

After completing this Angular Web Developer Bootcamp, our counsellors can provide you with a job guarantee if you pass our eligibility criteria and assessment examination. They will help you evaluate your skills and experience to suggest the best career opportunities. The experience at LSET Bootcamp lets you show your skills and projects to leave a good impression on the employers.

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