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If you are looking for dynamic and innovative courses that will increase the chances of you getting your dream job, you are choosing the perfect place. At LSET, we do not mechanise the scanning of applications. We look into each application thoroughly, from academic to personal profiles, to select students and professionals who fit into our criteria.

We welcome students from technology and management who aspire to achieve heights in their respective fields. Explore a new world of possibilities with unbelievable industry and corporate exposure. Apply at the earliest, for better chances at being shortlisted.

Next-Gen Education


At LSET, we have developed next-gen courses ensuring a career boost for all our students. We prioritize hands-on experience over theoretical knowledge.

International Hub

Personal Development

Our sports and extra-curricular programs provide students with the opportunity to grow in all directions. Our goal is to prepare the leaders for tomorrow.

Professional Induction

Our Courses

Our courses are designed keeping in mind the shortcomings of the traditional education system. Our flexible curriculum enables students to create and innovate.



Located in the business hub of the most happening city in the world, London. LSET provides you with an experience of a lifetime helping you polish your skills.

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Talk To Our Counsellor

For any prior inquiries about the admission or application process, we have a 24 hours counsellor to assist you with your issues. For any specific queries or to know more about our programs and functioning, please leave us your details, and our counsellor will contact you according to the time convenience you specify. Do not hold on to any doubts, feel free to drop a message, and we will surely get in touch with you.

Admission to LSET

The Application Process


Register Online on Our Website

Get detailed information about our school and the courses we provide on our official website. You can also download our brochure from there if you want to know more. Register with the required information on the assigned registration portal.


Gather Necessary Documents

For intricate scanning of your profile and moving forward with your application, we will require you to submit a few essential documents. Gather the mentioned documents that will be needed for further scrutiny as soon as possible.


Review The Submission

Before submitting your application, make sure you revise your details thoroughly and see that you have attached relevant documents. Preview your data and make your final submission.


Interviewing Process

After proper examination of your files and application, we will contact you for an interview process if your application is shortlisted.


Confirmation & Offer letter

If your application is approved and selected as an LSET student, an official offer letter will be mailed to you in the email you provide us. Further admission related details will also be conveyed through the same.


Visa Applications ( for International Students)

For the International Students willing to apply at LSET, register yourself for the VISA services, If you want to know more or have any doubts about the visa services contact us or drop a mail at [email protected]

Things To Keep In Mind

A typical application is needed for students and professionals applying to any of the courses we provide. You will be able to choose your desired program and tenure in which you are interested. Before you submit your application, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

LSET Course Cancellation Policy

The London School of Emerging Technology holds the right to cancel any course due to various circumstances. In such a scenario, you will be either given an alternative option or receive a refund of your fee. However, this fee is only refundable if LSET itself has cancelled the course. Once the course session begins, it won’t be possible to apply for cancellation, and no course fee refund will be issued.

You will need a few supporting documents and proofs before you complete your application

  • If your course has pre-requisite, please provide an evidence of it. For example, if your course requires a basic knowledge of Java or Java Programming Certificate, you must provide some evidence to prove it. If you have completed a course from any institute, please provide the completion certificate. If you don't have a certificate and wish to prove your knowledge of Java, we will need you to clear our assessment test. This will be arranged after you submit your formal application.
  • £50 non-refundable application processing fee is payable at the time of application.

When To Apply?

Registrations starting from September for Online and Classroom programs

Course Intakes Admission Opens Admission Deadline
January 1st December 30th December
February 1st January 30th January
March 1st February 28th February
April 1st March 30th March
May 1st April 30th April
June 1st May 30th May
July 1st June 30th June
August 1st July 30th July
September 1st August 30th August
October 1st September 30th September
November 1st October 30th October
December 1st November 30th November

Where to submit necessary documents?

Those who are unable to submit documents through the online forms can mail their documents to the following e-mail id:

  • ID Document: Current passport or driving licence (UK Residents only)
  • Address Proof: Driving licence or Utility Bill like electricity or gas bill
  • Education Qualification: Degree Certificate