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LSET Corporate Training Program

About the Corporate Training Program

In a competitive and dynamic world, LSET aims to help organisations to upskill their talent pool and stay relevant among their competitors. Our innovative and engaging corporate training programs help organisations to achieve their business goals with a skilled workforce and streamlined operations.
Our industry experts go the extra mile to analyse your workforce and fulfil their knowledge and skill gaps. Apart from technical skills, these programs also focus on nurturing time management, communication skills, behaviour management, risk analysis, etc. We design and develop our training programmes according to the unique and dynamic requirements of organisations.

Key Objectives of LSET Corporate Training

  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of employees
  • Fulfil the skill and knowledge gap of a workforce
  • Creating loyal and more retainable employees
  • Creating opportunities for self-development & growth
  • Meeting the changing challenges and demands of the industry
  • Avoid employee obsolescence

Fully Customised Programmes

Adaptable With Different Workflows and Business Goals

LSET understands that every organisation has different business goals, requirements and workflow. Therefore, our corporate training programmes are fully customised to provide a completely hands-on, practical, interactive, and innovative learning environment for the employees. The corporate training consultants and training providers are dedicated to understanding the unique requirements of your business to deliver courses, training skills, and a huge range of corporate training solutions.

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Our Specialised Corporate Training Offerings

Upskilling Workforce for Innovation, Productivity, and Consistency

Software Automation Testing

Prepare your workforce with automated testing practices to innovate your QA processes in your organisation from hands-on practical classes.

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Software Manual Testing

Help your workforce to learn manual testing to develop effective test cases and scenarios to improve the quality of your products.

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Java Serverless Cloud

Let your Java team explore the cloud-based features of the language to learn new techniques to develop effective applications.

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Full Stack Java

Help your Java professionals to learn full-stack Java to develop effective enterprise-level web applications and excel all the stacks.

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Java Spring Microservices

Enable your Java team to explore everything about Microservices, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud with complete practical hands-on

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Data Science with Python

Provide hands-on experience in Data Science with Python and explore NumPy, SciPy, Matplotib, etc.

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Machine Learning with Python

Help your team learn Machine Learning with Python to get future-ready for the world of artificial intelligence and smart algorithms.

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Fullstack Python with Django

Help your team explore the Django framework to get started with full-stack development and effectively utilise all the libraries.

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Ethical Hacking

Prepare the workforce for the future of cybersecurity and hacking with complete hands-on training in Ethical Hacking.

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Front End Developer

Create the most talented and creative workforce that excels in web designing with our front-end development programme.

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DevOps Engineer

Help your team to learn the tools and principles of integrated software development with our DevOps programme.

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Business Oriented Courses

Business Analyst

Help your team learn the most innovative business practices and create the best bridge between IT and business operations.

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Agile Project Management

Enable your team to become masters of Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and more effective project management.

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Digital Marketing

Equip your marketing team with the best digital marketing skills to launch effective and highly scalable digital marketing campaigns.

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Financial Analysis Consultancy

Managers and executives from all sectors who want to be able to assess investment opportunities and/or the performance of their own organisation

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Corporate Consultancy Services

Our consultants are independent and objective. They are seasoned business professionals that possess a wealth of practical experience of leading organisational change.

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Through our online learning modules, your team can learn independently
Labs, challenges, and sandboxes for hands-on learning

World-class Education from Prominent Faculty

We Develop Customised Corporate Training Programs that Addresses Individual Learning Needs

Get the right skills that deliver results by upskilling!

Find out how leaders transform their teams!

Train new employees

Our onboarding process is tailored to meet the needs of your business

Skills have been updated

It is designed and updated by reputed technology experts from the industry

Modules for interactive learning

Our hands-on labs and sandboxes ensure real-time learning

Describe The Process for Upskilling Your Team

Practice Tests

Practice tests are designed by experts to simulate the real exam scenario. LSET practice tests are based on the real exam objectives to check your preparation level, and get you ready for the certification exam.

Video Courses

Video courses are designed by industry experts to assist candidates in improving their skills and preparing them for certification exams. The LSET video course covers all the exam objectives, thereby assisting you in passing the test.

Hands-on Labs

A hands-on lab provides learners with an opportunity to get hands-on experience with a variety of cloud technologies and platforms. Hands-on labs offered by LSET provide participants with the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience

The Network of Industry Experts and Corporate Trainers

To provide exceptional learning experiences to the corporates, we are building a team of industry experts and corporate trainers who have extensive experience in providing valuable learning experiences by training employees from various organisations and industries. They use effective creative approaches, experiential learning tools, modern training methodologies, and custom content to create the best impact on the learners. This specialisation ensures impactful training with higher engagement interest, broaden thinking, and transfer of knowledge.

Continuously Updated Programmes

LSET believes in moving with time by continuously updating its courses with the latest demands and trends of the industry. We make corporate training noteworthy by making your workforce skilful, loyal, knowledgeable, and up to date.
Industrial Training

Why Choose LSET as Your Corporate Training Partner?

  • Our corporate training programmes and consultation services are highly customised
  • We help you to take a collaborative approach in coaching your staff according to your development and learning needs
  • The programmes are specially designed for the needs of staff, project managers, and line managers of your organisation
  • Get complete in-depth knowledge sharing and interactive training through industry experts
  • Well-planned, executed, extensive training programmes from specific industries’ points of view
  • Expertise in cutting-edge technologies for the UK-based workforce

How Does LSET Corporate Training Work?

We follow a streamlined approach to make the curriculum dynamic and adaptable to individual needs.
  1. Stage 1

    • Understanding the needs of the training programme
    • Conducting interviews with the management
    • Reviewing the requirements with relevant supervisors
  2. Stage 2

    • Designing the custom courses
    • Designing the practical workshops for the courses
    • Assigning the expert trainers
  3. Stage 3

    Reviewing the course material with the organisation.

  4. Stage 4

    Executing the corporate training course and practical sessions.

  5. Stage 5

    • Generating summary report after the course completion
    • Obtaining trainer feedback
    • Obtaining course feedback

Collaborating with LSET for World-Class Corporate Training!

To get more information related to our corporate training programme and other services, please feel free to reach us today on [email protected] or +44 (0) 20 3369 9909.